The ball is rolling

Written by S         

Yesterday afternoon we went to our first doctors appointment. I was pretty nervous in the hours leading up to it and as we sat waiting for my name to be called my palms were sweaty and I had a swarm of butterflies in my stomach. Dr Lesbian came out to the reception area and guided us into her office. She was instantly warm and inviting and I’m so grateful for that. Candice let her know that we want to start a family and require a referral to Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) from a GP.

This appointment could not have gone better. My suspicions that Dr Lesbian really was a lesbian were indeed true. Not only is she gay, she and her partner have 2 children of their own conceived through QFG. She whipped us up a referral and explained how the initial appointment will work. I can’t even explain how much better it was to hear all this from someone who has actually been through it. She told us that all the fertility doctors were lovely and they are completely fine with same sex couples.The only negative review she had was of the psychologist which whom Candice and I will have to see. It’s mandatory for anyone planning to use a sperm donor to see him and from what she said he isn’t very open to the idea of same sex parenting. So I’m already dreading that appointment. Her advice was to just nod and answer his questions calmly.
I will no doubt write a post and let you know what sort of questions we were asked and also how the session went in general.
Dr L sent me off to the QML Pathology for some pre-pregnancy blood tests. As QML were already shut after our doctors appointment, I went there on my own today. Sitting in the waiting room by myself, I started to feel a little nervous again. I’m a regular blood donor so it wasn’t because I was scared of the needle. It was just being alone in such a clinical environment. It made me realise how lucky I am that Candice is going to be with me through this. For every fertility appointment, for every insemination, for every ultrasound. I imagine doing it all alone would be pretty frightening.

Today I started taking Elevit vitamins. They contain all the good stuff a growing baby needs – folic acid, iodine, calcium, iron etc. Dr L says it’s good to start taking them a few months before as well as through a pregnancy.

So that’s where we are at right now. We still need to contact QFG to make our first appointment with the specialist so once we work out what date is going to work we will call the clinic later this week to book it.

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