Can’t sleep

Written by S

It’s 5.06am and I’ve just gotten home from a graveyard shift at work. Usually I wouldn’t finish until 6.00am but I was feeling a bit off so left early. Now that I’m home though, I don’t feel at all tired. I’ve got so much going through my head and it has only just dawned on me that this baby making game is going to be a really long one.

Of course I hope we’re one of those lucky couples that get pregnant within a couple of months, but the reality of it is that this will likely take a lot longer. Fertility treatments are going to be expensive and emotionally draining. Starting a family is something we have been planning for years now and something I’ve been wanting my entire life but I have looked so far forward that I’ve skipped over all the stuff that has to happen first. I guess I just wish we had some friends who have been through this process just so I knew what to expect. I sure hope we’re ready for it…


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