Back for blood results

Written by S

This morning I had an appointment with Dr Lesbian to get the results of the pre-pregnacy blood tests. As expected everything was fine. I don’t need the Rubella booster shot which is great as it would have meant waiting an extra 3 months before attempting to conceive. The only vitamin I was lacking in was vitamin D so I just need to get out in the sun a bit more. I’ve always been so damn sun smart, making sure I covered up properly when out in the sunshine as I’m rather pale and at risk of skin cancers. It appears all that effort has backfired. If my levels don’t increase then I’ll just have to take an extra vitamin D supplement on top of the Elivit tablets I’m already taking. So it’s no biggie.

I went to the doctor on my own today as I needed to get a PAP smear as well. It’s something that I have avoided for 11 years now. I knew it was going to be unpleasant and I was right. My doctor was great though and made it super quick and explained what she was doing as she did it. Now I feel a bit silly for being so nervous. I know this whole baby making process is going to involve a lot of uncomfortable, invasive and sometimes painful procedures. So as simple and quick as a PAP smear was I now feel like I’ve broken past a barrier. I have now allowed someone to put their head between my legs and poke around when it wasn’t even sexy time. Barrier smashed. Hooray!

Results for that will take about 2 weeks not that I’m at all worried. Dr L says that being both young and a lesbian puts me at very low risk. Good to know.

We have made our appointment with QFG for the 17th Sep. We called on the 16th Aug so there was about a 4 week wait which isn’t too bad really. I just hope that doesn’t mean a 4 week wait between every appointment.

Slow process.

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