Choosing a donor

For about a year now we have had a general idea of what we would be looking for in a potential donor.  Good shape, healthy lifestyle, clean history of genetic conditions, same blood type as myself or C, brown/blonde hair, green/blue eyes and if possible no dominant facial features. Now that the time has come for us to actually choose, we have tried not to be too fussy with the physical side of things. Just to open up the options a bit.

The QFG donor program have a limited number of donors available. This initially was a bit disappointing as I was worried we wouldn’t find one we both agreed on but as it turns out it was actually not such a bad thing. You know when you’re at a restaurant and the menu has about 7 different mains you want to try? You weigh up each dish, perhaps deciding on the vegetable and haloumi stack but not being completely sure it was the right choice. Days later you still wonder if the crispy skinned salmon would have been better. Or maybe that duck breast or the eye fillet was the way to go? Having a smaller selection of donors to choose from meant the the task of choosing was far less overwhelming. We narrowed the list down pretty quickly and in the end it was out of Donor A and Donor B. I was leaning towards A, while Candice was not particularly leaning either way. In the end we reserved 2 vials of sperm from Donor A. We had to call QFG to confirm selection and pay within 3 business days. Pulling up into the car park of Ikea, C did just that. Talk about taking lesbian to a whole new level. A maximum of 2 vials can be purchased at a time so that’s all we have for now and fingers crossed that is all we need. 
I next ovulate around the 8th October but our next appointment isn’t until the 15th so that means the first insemination will be sometime early November. The nerves and excitement are starting to set in… once again though, all we can do is wait.

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