Our big gay wedding

In our very first post on ladyladybaby we mentioned that we were a few weeks away from getting hitched in New Zealand. So I thought even though this isn’t baby making related, we would share some photos, a little bit about our day and all the awesome people who helped us celebrate.

We chose to exchange vows on Sunday, 25th of August in Queenstown, NZ.
Why not in our own country of Australia, you may ask? The reason is because we are actually still campaigning for marriage equality in our country. It sucks but that’s the way it is. Instead of sulking about it (though I must add here that we are still strongly campaigning) we jumped on the plane and crossed the Tasman Sea! Coming close to seven years together we were so tired of being denied the right to a legally binding ceremony.

We chose to get married up on the The Remarkables and I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have chosen a more perfect backdrop. There was a perfect mix of family and friends! To begin with Candice and I had planned an elopement… just us, private and uncomplicated. Then a cute couple we are friends with asked if people could come and attend. Um, hells yeah. Then before we knew it there was a whole crew of people we loved flying over to share the day with us. Pretty fucking magical I have to say.

Here we are back at home, all married and stuff. Not too much has changed…My little heart still beats for Candice and I’m pretty sure I’m still her everything.

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