Something gay to read

About a month ago we ordered a bunch of books to try and prepare ourselves for the appointment with the psychologist. Luckily for us that appointment was nothing like we had anticipated, as the books only just arrived in the mail yesterday. Only 3 of the books are actually intended for adults, the other 5 are children’s books aimed at kids in same sex families. 
This book is written by a same sex couple that have been together for 10 years and have 3 children together. You kind of get the idea that they know what they’re talking about. I’m looking forward to reading this one, although as they’re American most of the laws regarding raising a family aren’t applicable to us here is Australia. This book covers a range of topics from starting a family (adoption, surrogacy, artificial insemination), through to baby, toddler and teenage years, and the hurdles we may face during those times.
The Lesbian & Gay Parenting Guide looks pretty full of useful information. It addresses same sex, bisexual and transgendered families; the medical procedures, adoption process, legal, emotional and practical issues. The author is also a lesbian mother which clearly provides some level of credibility to the contents. Good old Rosie O’Donnell reviewed this book as “both deeply serious, and belly-laugh funny, while remaining filled with useful advice and heartwarming personal stories”. I hope she is right.
This book looks great and I can’t wait to read it and neither can Candice. It’s a bunch of non fiction short stories written from the perspective of the non-biological mother. I think it will be pretty interesting to learn more about that role and how it really feels to be the other mother. Jill Soloway, producer of Six Feet Under reviewed it as “bringing together hilarious, heart-wrenching, painfully honest tales of mommy-hood. Not only just for mothers or other mothers – but for anyone who has felt like an outsider at the playground. Funny, warm, sad, beautiful – and even sexy – this book is not only from the heart, but for the heart”.
Obviously this is a children’s book. The story line follows a little boy at the beach who meets two other kids who don’t understand how two mums are his parents. Like, if he has two mums, which one fixes things, which one teaches him to be polite, which one bakes cakes, which one is scared of snakes, etc. It’s a cute book and shows just how honest and innocent kids are.
Oh The Things Mommies Do! What Could Be Better Than Having Two? Well, that is pretty much the theme of this whole book. All the awesome fun this kid gets to do with his parents – building blanket castles, making crafts, playing baseball, bedtime stories, jumping on the trampoline. Kinda makes me wish I had to mums.
I love this book so much! It a true story about two penguins, named Roy and Silo. They live at the Central Park Zoo and have been a couple since 1998. They never had any interest in the girl penguins and when all the others would be nesting and waiting for their eggs to hatch Roy and Silo would take turns sitting on an egg sized rock and would be sad when it didn’t hatch. When the zoo keepers gave them an unhatched egg they tended to it and finally it hatched and they became Daddies. They fed, cared and kept the baby penguin warm just as all the other penguin families. Such a sweet story!
This book isn’t specifically written for children of same sex parents. It’s a book about all the different families that there can be and how special each one is in it’s own way. The last line in the book “There are lots of different ways to be a family. Your family is special no matter what kind it is!”
Lastly, this little gem – Mommy, Mama and Me. This book is probably aimed at a toddler audience. I like that it has hard pages and simple lines – “Mommy puts me in the tub. Mama bathes me. Scrub, scrub, scrub!” Pretty cute illustrations and I can imagine reading this to our child and it being their favourite book.

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