Weekend pick me up

After the week and bad news we’ve had, it was decided to kick off the weekend with a picnic date. I love spending time outdoors which is probably why Candice suggested a picnic at the Mount Cootha botanical gardens. We packed a blanket, a backgammon set, some delicious sandwiches, fruit and chocolate. After all the rain we had yesterday, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect this morning. It’s been a while since we have taken our camera out and about with us so today it joined us on our picnic. We even saw adorable baby ducks and were also lucky enough to witness the budding friendship between a lonely turtle and a lonely duck.. Here are some of the snaps from our day!

After our picnic we drove up the mountain until we reached the lookout. While gorging ourselves on ice-cream and sorbet we were entertained by a group of international tourists jumping as high as they could in an effort to achieve the best (Toyota style jump) holiday picture.

Pretty awesome day all in all!


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