The costs of making a baby

It has now been almost 3 months since we first started this blog, documenting our hope to start a family. A couple of days ago, we went in for the very first insemination attempt and now we are just waiting it out until I can take a home pregnancy test in two weeks. I have to say, it was quite a strange feeling to be sitting in a waiting room trying to slowly defrost the little vial of sperm in your hands. The procedure went well and was only as unpleasant as I had already expected.

Obviously we’re hoping for a positive result but to be honest, neither of us feel like it will be. I know it sounds stupid but I just don’t ‘feel’ pregnant and I kind of thought I would at least feel a bit different. Given that there’s only a 12-15% chance that it will work I guess it’s probably best that we are expecting the test to be negative.

Since I won’t have anything to blog about for the next couple of weeks, I thought that I could share all of the costs we have had so far. Starting from our first GP appointment through to our first artificial insemination. 
  • GP appointment: $55 – This consultation was to get a referral to Queensland Fertility Clinic, depending on your doctor the fee can be bulk billed. 
  • Elevit (100pk): $67 – These multi vitamins aren’t exactly essential but as your doctor will tell you they contain all the good stuff to help develop a growing baby during pregnancy. It’s recommended you begin taking these 3 months before conception.
  • Fertility specialist appointment: $128 – This consultation is where you first meet with your ongoing fertility doctor and decide on what path you would like to take in regards to IUI, IVF etc. 
  • AMH blood test: $75 – This test is to find out your ovarian reserve.
  • Donor registration fee: $525 – This is a one off fee that enables you to gain access to the QFG donor program. If you are planning to use an unknown sperm donor, you will need to pay this.
  • Fertility specialist follow up appointment: $100 – This consultation is to find out the results of your AMH blood test and to also make plans for your first insemination (if you have already chosen your donor sperm).
  • Donor sperm: $1900 – Each vial of donor sperm is $950 and we purchased 2 vials.
  • Planning and management of patient fee : $120
  • Ovulation monitoring fee: $530
  • Intrauterine Insemination procedure: $250 

Total cost so far: $3750 – There are a few other small expenses such as city parking, home pregnancy tests etc but the ones I’ve listed are the more direct costs.

The next time I post, I will have peed on a stick followed by happy tears because it’s a positive or disappointed tears because it’s negative. Unfortunately either way there is bound to be crying!


8 thoughts on “The costs of making a baby

  1. Don't forget to keep all receipts as all out-of-pocket expenses can be claimed on tax- if you spend more than $2000 total then you get 20% back. This includes dental, doc appointments, prescriptions etc as well as the baby making expenses.


  2. You also need to register as a family for the Medicare safety net. If you go over a certain amount (not sure what amount it is) you will get extra back on your Medicare rebates. You don't need to do anything like keep track but both of your expenses will be together if you register. Hope that makes sense.


  3. Sorry for the comment on a super old post so feel free to ignore me LOL but I was thinking about costs involved for Amy and I if we choose to head down this road anytime soon. I have an apt with a RE as it looks like I may have PCOS and I was just curious as to if the clinic you used classes you as “socially infertile”? And please tell me if I’m getting way to personal here but did they ever suggest a reason why the IUI attemps weren’t successful? Sorry if you have posted regarding this or don’t wish to share. The clinic I will be going to are sending me to their PCOS clinic and have suggested that if they do determine I am mediacally infertile as well as socially infertile then I would be able to claim back costs using the Medicare rebate.


    • The clinic we used classed me as socially infertile. We were told that after 2 unsuccessful IUIs then I would be classed as infertile and would then be eligible for the medicare rebate for IVF. I didn’t have PCOS, I just had a very low ovarian reserve – so not many eggs. For that reason we didn’t want to waste any more time on doing IUI when the chance of success was so low and IVF was about 45% success rate. Does that help?

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      • That helps so much, thank you. I recall reading now about the low ovarian reserve. Sorry to be a bother. I’m hoping if we do go down the IUI path we will be super lucky as we were win Indie. We did AI at home the old school way once and we were pregnant. Just not sure I can handle too many negatives after what we have been through. I guess this may be the only time I ever praise the heavens for PCOS. Lol.
        How much was the complete IVF cycle you did to create Oscar? I think I read somewhere on your blog it was about $4000 in total. Was that including the vial of sperm? Sorry to bombard you. Just trying to work out if I would feel better with a 45% chance over a 15-20% to save myself facing the big fat negative.


      • Oh I know how difficult those negative tests are, they suck. The $4000 basically just covered the actual IVF drugs. From what I remember we had to pay for the egg retrieval, embryo transfer and vial of sperm on top of that. So all up probably closer to $6000 total. Given that you were able to conceive first go with Indie you must be quite fertile! I hope you get that lucky again 😄

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      • Thanks. Me too. I really hope I’ll figure out one of these days if I’m ready.
        If we do go down the IVF path our health insurance will cover the egg retrieval and embryo transfer but we have to pay the excess of $500. And they cover the gap. Thanks for the wish of luck. Just send me some baby decision vibes and maybe I’ll be able to sort myself out. I hope you have a good rest tonight. Appreciate the chat.


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