Results are in

We were told to wait until 2 days after my next period was due to take a home pregnancy test. Let me tell you, when you’re waiting that is a long time. A really, really long time. So of course I convinced Candice that I should take a test early just for the fun of it.

First test – 9 days post ovulation

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking as there is absolutely nothing fun about seeing that negative result come up on the stick. I was still a little bit sad that day, despite knowing that it probably wasn’t an accurate result. Do you think the disappointment was enough for me to avoid taking another early test 4 days later? 
Second test – 12 days post ovulation
Another negative. By now we were both pretty sure there wasn’t going to be a pregnancy this month. However, a few people had told me that they had gotten a negative result around this time but then gotten a positive test days later. So I tried not to be too discouraged even though there was only a tiny bit of hope at this point.  
Third test – 14 days post ovulation
Another single line indicating a negative result. This was expected but still just as disappointing as the first test. 
A few hours after taking this test my stomach felt really crampy and I got my period. So our first donor IUI cycle has failed. I think next time I’ll wait until I’m supposed to take a test instead of doing early ones. Otherwise I’m going to have a box full of sticks that make me feel pretty heartsick.
I’m on day 2 of our next donor IUI cycle. I’m not looking forward to the insemination and I’m beginning to feel quite bitter at how clinical making a baby has to be for us. I guess I just hate having so many people not in our relationship involved in it. I only just got off the phone an hour ago after having to call the staff at QFG to confirm that – 
  • No, the test was negative
  • Yes, I have my period right now
  • Yes, I will go into see their nurse for blood tests on day 11 of this cycle
  • Yes, I will call someone to confirm my donor ID number on day 12
  • Yes I will go for more bloods with another nurse on day 13 of this cycle
  • Yes, I will come in to see the doctor for the insemination procedure on day 14

We know without a doubt that it will all be worth it in the end. I suppose being right at the very start however, it’s hard to remember that there will be an end. That we will have the family we so badly want. And it will be awesome. 

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