Quick update

As I mentioned yesterday, we went in for the 2nd insemination. Candice had to leave work early and meet me at QFG to pick up the spermy goods. We then had to walk down to the specialist office with the vial safely nestled in my bra. I have to admit it feels a little unusual defrosting sperm against your left boob walking through Spring Hill. We decided to embrace the oddness and even ducked into a side street for a quick photo while we were waiting for it to thaw out. If a pregnancy actually comes from this insemination attempt, I suppose you could call this our first family portrait. I know it’s a bit gross and weird or whatever but this whole path that we are trying to navigate is a bit strange. So, if we want to hold sperm up to our faces and smile, we will.

Apparently I have a tricky cervix. I wish I didn’t as it means the doctor has to keep readjusting the speculum and yesterday is took about 4 to 5 goes for her to get it on the right angle as well as deep enough. It hurts quite a lot. Poor Candice was holding my hand and I think I may have been squeezing too tight. She hadn’t eaten lunch yet and says there was a point when she thought “Oh no, I think I’m going to faint”. Turns out I have quite a bit of strength in my hands.
I think Candice is planning to provide me with some sort of stress ball type device if I’m ever in labour. By the look of her hand I’d say that it’s probably a smart idea.

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