Single line again

I took a test 2 days ago and as I had expected, it was negative. 
QFG closes over Christmas and since that’s when I’ll be ovulating it means this month is out. I guess 2013 just wasn’t our year to conceive but hopefully 2014 has big positive changes for us.
In January we start IVF. We have to make an appointment with one of the nurses at QFG so she can run us through the whole process and make sure that we know what every step involves. Then an appointment with our fertility doctor to run through the new schedule that I’ll be on.  I’m quite nervous at the thought of IVF as I’ve heard it can be both physically and emotionally draining. Candice is a little worried I think. She asked me the other day if I was definitely sure that I was wanting to start it next month. I’m sure that I want to but I can see why she is concerned. I have already been quite emotional the past few months and she may be worried that with all the fertility drugs I’ll be taking that I might not deal with everything so well. I’m done with artificial insemination though. We have also used up all of our chosen donors sperm and have opted for a new donor. I had mixed feelings about this as I had grown quite attached to the child I had imagined in my head. I know this sounds stupid and childish even. As much as I tried though, I couldn’t stop picturing us with this baby born purely out of my imagination. We requested more sperm from the same donor but then when we were told it was available for purchase Candice suggested that maybe a change of donor could be a good thing. I let go of my silly attachment and we chose a new donor. The new donor has the same colour hair and eyes and the first donor but is a few years younger. The new donor is 10 years younger than we are. It’s odd to think about but it’s definitely a good thing. The younger the sperm, the stronger they are!

You may not hear from me for a few weeks. Mid January is when we start IVF so until then I doubt I’ll have much to say.

In the meantime merry christmas and a happy new years to you all ❤


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