Second IVF scan

Today we were back at the specialist’s office for a scan of my ovaries to see if all these fertility drugs I’m taking are doing their job. I was under the impression that if I only produced 1 or 2 eggs then the doctor would simply increase the dosage of Gonal-F but I found out today that I am already taking the maximum dosage. This only made me feel more nervous about the ultrasound results.

The first ovary she looked at only showed 1 follicle (or egg). My stomach dropped as she admitted that it was a disappointing number and she just hoped the my other ovary has been working a bit harder. When she scanned across to the other, thankfully the ultrasound showed more than one follicle. She started counting them and in total that ovary had 5. She explained that no more will grow before egg retrieval and that at the moment they are all the same size of 11mm which is good. They will need to be double that size before egg retrieval so I need to go back in on Friday for another scan to see how they are looking. If all the follicles are big enough then the doctor will schedule surgery for mid next week.

I know 6 eggs in total is not a very high number and that someone my age taking half the dosage I’m on would be expected to produce 12-15 eggs but I feel like we are getting closer. After all, it only takes 1 egg and I have 6.

Positive thoughts.

Our doctor loaded us up with another cooler bag stuffed full of fertility drugs to last until Friday. Keep growing little eggs! It’s my 30th birthday next week and you can probably guess what I’ll be wishing for when I blow out my candles.


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