Surgery is booked!

We were back at the doctors office this morning for the final scan to confirm surgery. All six eggs continued to grow and better yet, she found another one that didn’t show up on the last scan as it was hiding inside my lazy ovary. So that’s 7 in total and as everybody knows, 7 is a good number!

Candice snapped this photo of me. When I’m nervous I tend to clasp my hands together otherwise I fidget too much

After that scan this morning we headed up the road to the QFG blood collection clinic for my final blood test. This is just to check the levels of my lutienising hormone, oestradiol and progesterone levels are all on track.

So I am officially booked into St Andrews hospital for Tuesday, 28th January. Between now and then I will need to keep taking the morning injections of Gonal-F so my eggs keep maturing as well as the nightly injections of Orgalutran to hold off ovulation. On Sunday night, just after midnight I need to take my last injection for this IVF cycle called Ovidrel which is the ‘trigger shot’. Apparently it will tell my body to prepare for ovulation and bring my eggs to full maturity. Then exactly 37 hours later my doctor performs surgery for the egg ‘pick up’. I’ll be under general anaesthetic but the whole procedure is so quick and simple I’ll be awake about half an hour after I’m put under.

A helpful booklet on what to expect as well as 4 medical forms attached to the back that I need to fill out.

I need to fast for 6 hours before surgery so that sucks as I’m known to be quite grumpy when I’m hungry. Hopefully I’m too nervous to even feel the hunger! Candice will be waiting for me in the recovery room of the hospital to be my chauffeur home. Once my eggs are out, the scientists will put each egg into a cell-culture dish and add our donors sperm.

The next 19 hours are going to be long as we won’t find out if any eggs fertilised with the sperm until 10am the next day.

Which just happens to be my 30th birthday.

If fertilisation has taken place then I will also be told what date the embryo transfer date will be. It can be anywhere from 2 – 6 days after ‘pick up’ so I’m assuming if all goes well, transfer will will sometime between Friday and Monday.

While we were at QFG we decided to pay the IVF fees. This doesn’t include the anaesthetist fees just the QFG fees. Luckily for us over the last year we have been paying extra each week on our mortgage which now means we have $30,000 that we can access at anytime. This came in handy today.

Oh my goodness, I’m so nervous and excited all at once. I’m so happy and grateful that this is going ahead and that we didn’t hit any more obstacles this month. Yay!

I hope everyone has a great long weekend.



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