It worked, it worked!!


After the longest 2 weeks in history, today was the day I could go in for the pregnancy blood test. I arrived at about 8am and asked the blood collection nurse how long until the doctor would have the results and she said about 11am. That’s THREE whole hours I thought. I’m a lab technician myself so the rational side of me should have appreciated how reasonable a 3 hour turn around actually is. But I didn’t appreciate it all! The next few hours were slow. Then I actually began to dread making the call in case it wasn’t the news I wanted. Finally at 11:31 with a push from Candice I called the doctors office.
Receptionist with the irritatingly calm voice: “Shauna, congratulaaaaations. You’re pregnannnnnt.”
(seriously she drags out every second word in a very low and creepy calm voice)
So there you have it! Pregnant.
Hands down the BEST valentines day present we have ever received!
Our little embryo hung in there. What a champ.
We aren’t silly and are well aware that there is still a 20% chance of miscarriage over the next 3 months but for today we won’t be thinking about that. Today will be filled with excitement, stomach butterflies and maybe a few happy tears.

Here is a home pregnancy test I’ve provided as a little show and tell ;-P


3 thoughts on “It worked, it worked!!

  1. So happy for you beautiful ladies. congratulaaaaations!!!!
    I think it's really great the you have been documenting this process and it will surely help other in the same boat as you.
    Can't wait to see your progress shots!!!


  2. I cried tears of joy reading this. Although it’s almost two years past due, congratulations to the both of you!!! I’m extremely appreciative of you sharing your journey with a curious future two mommy family . 🙂

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