4 weeks and 5 days!

It certainly doesn’t feel like I’m almost 5 weeks pregnant. Probably because I only found out that I was pregnant 4 days ago. It’s strange how they work out how many weeks you are, from the start date of your last period. Feels like cheating to me.

So far I’m just really tired. I’ve been sneaking in little naps here and there which is extremely unlike me. I also have really ouchy boobies and over the last few days I’ve been feeling ‘hungover’ when I first wake up. The hungover bit seems pretty unfair to me. Luckily it only lasts until I eat something then I feel fine.

Candice and I are already quite healthy eaters but now that I’m paying a little more attention to my body I’m trying to make even more effort. The problem I’m finding though is that there is a lot of contradicting advice out there on what I should be eating and what I should be avoiding. Cheese for instance – I already had a general idea of which ones were bad but some articles say feta is fine, others say it isn’t. Is paneer a soft cheese? Can I still eat haloumi (pretty please)? Ive also read that it’s important to eat full cream dairy products for the calcium but a booklet on pregnancy foods I was given from QFG says to eat low or reduced fat varieties. I should be eating 3 serves of fish a week but avoiding those with a high mercury content. So many rules. On a daily basis I’m limited to 1 espresso OR 4 instant cups of coffee OR 4 cups of tea OR 4 cans of soft drink. Are they really trying to tell me that tea is BAD for you?! I suppose all these rules are just guidelines.

Apparently at 5 weeks the baby’s heart forms the 4 chambers and it starts beating. Our bodies are amazing and I’m kind of blown away that this is all happening inside of me right now. Candice has one response when I mention these things to her – “Weeeeird”.

Our little poppy seed is getting closer to the size of a sesame seed this week. Sometimes I sneeze and actually worry that Ive done damage to it. There is zero logic going on in my brain.

We have our first scan booked for the 6 of March when I’ll be 7 weeks. We’re really excited but I’m also pretty nervous that something may happen between now and then, resulting in a miscarriage. I know I shouldn’t think like that so I’m going to make a huge effort to only think positive thoughts over the next few weeks.


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