Someone pass the ginger please

This week has been a tough one due to my lack of energy and horrible nausea. I really thought that I was going to get lucky and be one those women that don’t really experience ‘morning sickness’. Unfortunately, I’m just like the majority and these feeling of tiredness and nausea that started last week have only intensified. I’m hopeful that perhaps being on night shift this week is the reason I’ve been feeling so much worse and that next week won’t be as bad.

On Monday morning I was due to finish work at 8am but left just after 6am. Usually on this shift I would sleep from about 7.30 – 3pm but found myself having to force myself out of bed at 5.30pm everyday. Only to then flop onto the couch for the next few hours until I had to leave for work. Between 1am and 4am was when I felt the worst. Last night I had to call in sick to work as the urge to throw up just wouldn’t leave.

And sleep? Holy shit, can I sleep. Lets take a look at the last 24 hours. I got home from work yesterday morning and after a shower, went straight to bed. I slept from 7.30am – 5pm. I then got up briefly but was back in bed by 5.30pm and continued to sleep until 7.30pm. I moved from the bed to couch until 8.30pm, before finally deciding I should attempt to get ready for work. This plan failed and I called in sick instead. I’m currently the senior technician and really didn’t want my team responsible for burning half the lab down so I stayed awake until about 12am so I could call the laboratory to make sure everything was going okay. Once I called and found out everything was fine I went back to bed about 12.30am and slept until 6.30am this morning. So over a 24 hr period I slept for 17.5 of them and was only awake for 6.5hrs! Oh, and I had a 2 and a half hour nap at 9.30am today too and I’m STILL tired.

Deep down I know I shouldn’t be complaining about any of this. I’m hopeful that all this sickness indicates that the pregnancy is going well and I should be grateful for that. Candice is picking me up some ginger on her way home from work so I can make lots of hot ginger tea to help with the nausea. From what I’ve read, it should only be another 4 weeks until I get my energy back and start to feel healthy again.

4 weeks is nothing, I’ve got this!

A mushy one

Yesterday was the beginning of a week of night shift which meant I had to trick my body into thinking it was bedtime at 2pm. This is never an easy task and usually doesn’t work so I survive the working night on about 2-3 hrs sleep. I really thought that given how tired I have been lately, I would have no trouble at all so I was pretty frustrated after laying awake in bed for 3 hours unable to switch my brain off and achieve slumber.

I set my phone up so it could play an 8 hour clip of ‘rain drops on a canvas tent’ that I found on YouTube but even this wasn’t helping. I sent a distress text out to Candice, “I need help sleeping.” I don’t know what I was expecting her to do. Sprinkle sleeping dust over the bed? She came in and squeezed in beside me.

Ah the magic power of spooning.

She stayed for probably half an hour or so and though I didn’t actually fall asleep while she was there, my whole body felt a lot more relaxed and my brain had settled.

Then came that sweet, sweet sleep.

Does this mean I’m becoming codependent? I don’t think so. I think I’m actually incredibly lucky to have someone that can make me feel relaxed, safe and cosy. Who wouldn’t want that?

As far as wives go, I think I chose a damn good one. I would give this girl anything she asked for and I’m pretty confident that she feels the same.

Without a doubt, we’re going to be very well looked after, myself and this baby I’m growing.

Two months down!

As I mentioned in my last post, we were due to have the very first scan of the baby on March 6th. While we were both pretty anxious to find out if everything was okay, Candice was a bit more worried than myself. The reason for her worry was that 2 weeks ago I had terrible nausea and fatigue that lasted all week but then stopped suddenly. I was still very tired and napping heaps but not like before. Candice took this as an indication that something must have happened to the baby and that we may not see the heartbeat we so desperately wanted to see in the scan.

When we arrived at the doctors office we didn’t have to wait long at all and after I answered no to a few general questions about whether I’d had any stomach pain, bleeding etc we moved into the side room for the internal scan. I held my breath until I heard her say those beautiful words “everything looks good here” then looked up at the screen where she pointed out the tiny smudge in the scan with a flickering heartbeat that was going 160 beat per minute. I then looked at Candice who was grinning back at me. It was so incredibly reassuring to see that heart beating away. She turned up the volume so we could listen for a bit while she measured it and printed out a photo for us. We found out that the baby was 1.28cm right now and the due date is October 19th 2014. It all feels so much more real now! I know we aren’t out of the woods yet in regards to possible miscarriage but when Candice asked what the risk was we were surprised to hear that it is reduced to about 5% once a heartbeat is heard.

After the scan our doctor asked us what our plans were for the remainder of the pregnancy. Whether we planned to go public and see our local GP and a midwife on a ‘share basis’, whatever that means. Or if we had an obstetrician in mind closer to home or if we just wanted to continue on with her. Our doctor has quite a number of areas she specialises in – fertility, gynaecology and obstetrics. If we chose to stay with her she said she will just put her obstetrician hat on and we can go from there. We told her that we would have a think about it as we really hadn’t given a seconds thought to it but have now made the decision to just stick with her. The waiting period on my private heath insurance is up in a couple of months so will help with all the fees as well at private hospital stay for the birth. We’re comfortable with this doctor and know her office well so it just makes sense to us. We even receive a lovely welcome from the receptionists who are now familiar with us when we arrive. To give ourselves some peace of mind we have booked in another scan for March 20th. A little reassurance never hurt anyone and that’s exactly what seeing that heartbeat does!

I had an interview at work last week for a new laboratory technician position. I really want it and hope I find out soon. There was apparently a high number of applications but I think I’m in with a good shot. My manager is aware that I am pregnant so I’m hoping that doesn’t negatively influence my chances. I’m currently a laboratory technician but it’s shift work – a weekly rotation of day, afternoon and night shifts. It can take quite a toll on my body clock and general health so I’m keen now more than ever to get off shift work. The only negative is the new role won’t include the ‘shift allowance’ included in the pay cycle which means I’ll be out by about $12000 a year. Small price to pay for better health though!
Candice has hit a bit of a hurdle at the moment as her current temp work is coming to an end which means job hunting. There are a few she likes the look of at the moment though so we are hopeful. 

A few pregnancy things

• nausea in the mornings usually until I eat something, though no vomiting yet thankfully
• naps have become a regular occurrence – tired, tired, tired
• head spins and generally feeling dizzy and lightheaded
• last night for dinner I had an eye fillet and 2 lamb chops. That’s NOT normal for me. I haven’t had lamb since I was a kid and rarely eat meat at all. Could be completely unrelated but thought I would mention it.
Well that’s about it! Hopefully everything continues to go smoothly and I can update with another scan picture in a couple of weeks.