A mushy one

Yesterday was the beginning of a week of night shift which meant I had to trick my body into thinking it was bedtime at 2pm. This is never an easy task and usually doesn’t work so I survive the working night on about 2-3 hrs sleep. I really thought that given how tired I have been lately, I would have no trouble at all so I was pretty frustrated after laying awake in bed for 3 hours unable to switch my brain off and achieve slumber.

I set my phone up so it could play an 8 hour clip of ‘rain drops on a canvas tent’ that I found on YouTube but even this wasn’t helping. I sent a distress text out to Candice, “I need help sleeping.” I don’t know what I was expecting her to do. Sprinkle sleeping dust over the bed? She came in and squeezed in beside me.

Ah the magic power of spooning.

She stayed for probably half an hour or so and though I didn’t actually fall asleep while she was there, my whole body felt a lot more relaxed and my brain had settled.

Then came that sweet, sweet sleep.

Does this mean I’m becoming codependent? I don’t think so. I think I’m actually incredibly lucky to have someone that can make me feel relaxed, safe and cosy. Who wouldn’t want that?

As far as wives go, I think I chose a damn good one. I would give this girl anything she asked for and I’m pretty confident that she feels the same.

Without a doubt, we’re going to be very well looked after, myself and this baby I’m growing.


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