Someone pass the ginger please

This week has been a tough one due to my lack of energy and horrible nausea. I really thought that I was going to get lucky and be one those women that don’t really experience ‘morning sickness’. Unfortunately, I’m just like the majority and these feeling of tiredness and nausea that started last week have only intensified. I’m hopeful that perhaps being on night shift this week is the reason I’ve been feeling so much worse and that next week won’t be as bad.

On Monday morning I was due to finish work at 8am but left just after 6am. Usually on this shift I would sleep from about 7.30 – 3pm but found myself having to force myself out of bed at 5.30pm everyday. Only to then flop onto the couch for the next few hours until I had to leave for work. Between 1am and 4am was when I felt the worst. Last night I had to call in sick to work as the urge to throw up just wouldn’t leave.

And sleep? Holy shit, can I sleep. Lets take a look at the last 24 hours. I got home from work yesterday morning and after a shower, went straight to bed. I slept from 7.30am – 5pm. I then got up briefly but was back in bed by 5.30pm and continued to sleep until 7.30pm. I moved from the bed to couch until 8.30pm, before finally deciding I should attempt to get ready for work. This plan failed and I called in sick instead. I’m currently the senior technician and really didn’t want my team responsible for burning half the lab down so I stayed awake until about 12am so I could call the laboratory to make sure everything was going okay. Once I called and found out everything was fine I went back to bed about 12.30am and slept until 6.30am this morning. So over a 24 hr period I slept for 17.5 of them and was only awake for 6.5hrs! Oh, and I had a 2 and a half hour nap at 9.30am today too and I’m STILL tired.

Deep down I know I shouldn’t be complaining about any of this. I’m hopeful that all this sickness indicates that the pregnancy is going well and I should be grateful for that. Candice is picking me up some ginger on her way home from work so I can make lots of hot ginger tea to help with the nausea. From what I’ve read, it should only be another 4 weeks until I get my energy back and start to feel healthy again.

4 weeks is nothing, I’ve got this!


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