Will it be a girl or a boy?

In less than a month Candice and I have the chance to find out the gender of our baby at the next ultrasound. And yes, we do want to find out. Right from the very beginning we have been curious and excited to know if we will be raising a son or a daughter. Now I just hope that the baby cooperates and sits still long enough for the technician to get a good view. The last few ultrasounds have shown a very active little being in there – arching, twerking, somersaults, even strumming the umbilical cord like a guitar.  Come on little one, we just need one clear image at the scan next month. It’s going to be quite surreal to find out. I think because I’m such a daydreamer, finding out the gender is going to make this all feel a lot more real. From imagining what their little voice will sound like to what sort of person they may grow up to be.

Candice and I have gone back and forth over the years regarding our preference to what we would like to have first – a girl or a boy. Girl, then boy, then girl, then boy again, over and over. I suppose it’s a good thing as no matter what gender it turns out to be, we won’t be disappointed as we see so many positives in both.

We were sent a list of old wives tales that can supposedly predict the gender.

Baby’s heartbeat rate:  >140 beats per minute is a girl, <140 beats per minutes is a boy
Our answer: Heartbeat rate has never been lower than 150 = girl

Morning sickness: yes means girl, no means boy
Our answer: yes, yes, yes = girl

Cravings: sweet things mean girl, savoury means boy
Our answer: mostly sweet = girl

Emotions: happy most of the time means girl, moody means boy
Our answer: pretty damn happy = girl

Sleep: Sleeping mostly on right side means girl, left side means boy
Our answer: Mostly right = girl

Skin: soft means girl, dry means boy
Our answer: skin is still soft although I’ve started noticing dry legs/hands = girl/boy

Headaches: yes means girl, no means boy
Our answer: yep, daily headaches = girl

Ring on string over belly: Swinging in a circle means girl, swaying side to side means boy
Our answer: It swayed side to side = boy

So it’s a slightly mixed bag there but definitely more girl answers. We know old wives tales are silly but now we both feel like it’s going to be a girl! But who knows, there could very well be a little wiener growing in there.

Only 22 more days until we should know!

Second trimester is underway and I think my pup knows it

I’m over 14 weeks now, yay! The scary part of pregnancy (not including the birth of course) is now over and we can start to relax and let it sink in that we are going to become parents this year.

Today we did the ol’ Facebook pregnancy announcement to let all those who we hadn’t yet told, know our good news. A big thank you to Candice’s mum for climbing the ladder to take this shot!

Candice and I have 2 dogs called Yoshi and Luna and I think it’s pretty safe to say they both have a favourite. Yoshi doesn’t have too much time for me when Candice is around but Luna adores me to no end. Very early on in this pregnancy Luna started acting a little weird around me and was even more clingy than usual. At first I thought it was in my head but then Candice was noticing it too. Like, whenever I used to get home from work both dogs would greet me excitedly but now Luna stands between me and Yoshi and won’t let her get too close. Or if I am sitting on the couch and Yoshi tries to sit next to me, Luna will squeeze in between us and place her paws over my legs and belly quite possessively. If I go to bed early she sleeps on the floor outside the bedroom door rather than hang with Yoshi and Candice in the lounge room. Every night Luna has to rest her chin on the edge of the bed next to my pillow before going to her own bed and every morning she is right back there resting her chin again waiting for me to wake up. It’s ADORABLE. But is it normal? Is she being protective of me or can dogs sense a baby? If they can, is she then being protective of the baby or am I crazy for thinking so? All I know is that she has definitely become my faithful little sidekick over the last few months. 

Lately, we have started to think what will happen in relation to our dogs when we have the baby. They have always been spoilt indoor dogs that are allowed on the couch and tend run around like they own the place. How is that going to work with a newborn in the house? Our solution is to work on the double garage and get it all sorted for them to sleep in for at least the first few months. We already have a small corner sectioned off in there that is protected from the outside elements in case of rainy weather while we are at work but we would like to make it larger and a bit more homely. I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds and yes, I do know they are dogs. But they are family to us and we want them to be comfortable. So I think with some carpet, dog beds/blankets and some chew toys they may actually like it in there. Does anyone have any advice on this topic? How did you handle having a tiny baby and dogs? Did you let them stay inside and how did that work out? I’m very interested to know as we have no idea what to expect.

Week 13

Over the last week something wonderful has happened. The nausea that was making life a bit difficult has started to go away. I actually felt pretty good for most of last week but then I was back on the couch feeling yuck on Friday night and most of Saturday. Yesterday was a bad day too but considering how sick I felt a few weeks ago, I consider myself pretty damn lucky right now!

Something else that has happened is my belly has popped out. It was a bit of a surprise and I felt oddly embarrassed and tried to keep it hidden from Candice. I wonder how quickly it will grow. I will post a belly photo every 4 weeks from now on.
I know it may seem a little early but we decided to paint the room we plan to use as the nursery. The room was just sitting there all cream coloured and boring but not anymore. Initially it was hard for us to decide on a colour as I wanted fresh, clean colours like teal but Candice liked the idea of deeper colours like olive green. While I love cosiness of olive green I remembered that the nursery furniture my sister is giving us was dark in colour also and I didn’t want the to room to look dark and closed in. When we went to have a look at paint I had a bunch of sample card colours that I liked but didn’t love. Candice then picked up a colour called Mint Fresh and turns out we both loved it so that was it. We then chose a grey that matched and a white for the trimmings. I think when the room is done it’s going to look amazing. We are only about 80% finished at the moment but once all the walls are done I’ll put up a photo. Below are the colours – what do you think?

It feels like this pregnancy is moving so slowly, I wish the months would just fly by. People have told me that they will so I should enjoy it while I can but it’s just so hard to take it day by day! Candice and I are finally going to be parents and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I’m also realising a lot more just how much support we have. Not just from family but our friends as well and that’s saying something since half of them don’t even want kids. They just know that we do and they want to see us happy. It’s nice 🙂

I don’t have too much else to say today so I’ll leave it here with a picture from our most recent scan. Almost looks like an actual baby this time!

11 weeks

Since the last time I posted on here there hasn’t been an awful lot going on. Two weeks ago we had another scan and got to hear the heartbeat again which was amazing. Recently, we heard an old wives tale that if the heartbeat sounds like a train as in ‘choo choo’ then its a boy; if it sounds like a horse galloping then it’s a girl. Candice thinks ours sounds like a horse running next to a train but all I can hear is ‘choo choo’ so who knows. You can decide for yourself by clicking on the video below, though the sound is pretty low so you may need to turn the volume up.

This is the picture we got from our latest scan. Only 2.13cm but it was moving it’s little nubs around like crazy. It was pretty cool to see but also a little freaky to realise that it was happening inside me. The heart was beating at 170 beats per minute this time so still nice and strong.
I have still been quite sick and exhausted all the time. I was so badly hoping that after having to go through the horrible IVF process that I would have a pretty easy pregnancy but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen that way. This baby really wants me to work for it! I get full really quickly on small amounts of food but then I am hungry and hour or so later and feel like I’m going to vomit if I don’t eat immediately. This applies to all 24 hours in a day. So I’m up a few times a night to eat! It’s pretty ridiculous, I feel like a newborn baby.
While I’m complaining, let’s talk about sleep. The whole 1am and 3am feeding thing I’ve got going on is pretty disruptive and is taking a toll. But if I don’t get up to eat then I’ll be sick. I’m sure you’ve heard that pregnant women also need to pee halfway through the night. I wish I only had to pee once through the night. On average I would say I get up 4 times a night to use the toilet, sometimes 5. Something new that has developed over the last 2 weeks is lower back pain. After a day at work it feels like someone has smashed my tailbone with a hammer. I thought that back pain only happened towards the end of pregnancy, not the start. Also, I’ve been having regular headaches and nose bleeds.
There is a light at the end of this first trimester tunnel though and I’m told it’s coming. I’m 11 weeks now and should feel a lot better around 14-15 weeks. I honestly can’t wait to feel like my old self again. I miss being active and waking up early. I’m usually my most productive before noon but lately on weekends I’m not even out of bed before 11am. I also feel terrible for the amount of housework that Candice is doing. It was her 30th birthday this week and she spent a chunk of the day cleaning and washing. I will have to make up for it in a few weeks when I get all my energy back.
Remember that position at my work that I went for? Well the interview went well and they offered me the role so now I’m off shift work, whoo! I’m working regular hours like a normal person so I’m hopeful that my body will thank me for it by being less sick.
We had planned to do the whole photo a week thing but we have been super slack and so far only taken one at 9 weeks. It’s not even a baby bump in this photo, just an after breakfast bump.
However, since then, my pants have definitely become tighter and I actually think by next week (3 months along) I might have something real to show. The baby is only the size of a lime now (apparently) but is growing really fast. Our next scan with the obstetrician isn’t until the 24th of April and I really hope it looks like less of a smudge and more of an actual baby. 
The other day we received a gift for the baby! It is the first one we have gotten and it was a bit exciting to open it. Candice is a gaming geek and loves Portal. A Portal onesie!
Well that’s all I have to write today. I would like to try and post on here weekly from now on but we’ll see how that goes ;-D