11 weeks

Since the last time I posted on here there hasn’t been an awful lot going on. Two weeks ago we had another scan and got to hear the heartbeat again which was amazing. Recently, we heard an old wives tale that if the heartbeat sounds like a train as in ‘choo choo’ then its a boy; if it sounds like a horse galloping then it’s a girl. Candice thinks ours sounds like a horse running next to a train but all I can hear is ‘choo choo’ so who knows. You can decide for yourself by clicking on the video below, though the sound is pretty low so you may need to turn the volume up.

This is the picture we got from our latest scan. Only 2.13cm but it was moving it’s little nubs around like crazy. It was pretty cool to see but also a little freaky to realise that it was happening inside me. The heart was beating at 170 beats per minute this time so still nice and strong.
I have still been quite sick and exhausted all the time. I was so badly hoping that after having to go through the horrible IVF process that I would have a pretty easy pregnancy but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen that way. This baby really wants me to work for it! I get full really quickly on small amounts of food but then I am hungry and hour or so later and feel like I’m going to vomit if I don’t eat immediately. This applies to all 24 hours in a day. So I’m up a few times a night to eat! It’s pretty ridiculous, I feel like a newborn baby.
While I’m complaining, let’s talk about sleep. The whole 1am and 3am feeding thing I’ve got going on is pretty disruptive and is taking a toll. But if I don’t get up to eat then I’ll be sick. I’m sure you’ve heard that pregnant women also need to pee halfway through the night. I wish I only had to pee once through the night. On average I would say I get up 4 times a night to use the toilet, sometimes 5. Something new that has developed over the last 2 weeks is lower back pain. After a day at work it feels like someone has smashed my tailbone with a hammer. I thought that back pain only happened towards the end of pregnancy, not the start. Also, I’ve been having regular headaches and nose bleeds.
There is a light at the end of this first trimester tunnel though and I’m told it’s coming. I’m 11 weeks now and should feel a lot better around 14-15 weeks. I honestly can’t wait to feel like my old self again. I miss being active and waking up early. I’m usually my most productive before noon but lately on weekends I’m not even out of bed before 11am. I also feel terrible for the amount of housework that Candice is doing. It was her 30th birthday this week and she spent a chunk of the day cleaning and washing. I will have to make up for it in a few weeks when I get all my energy back.
Remember that position at my work that I went for? Well the interview went well and they offered me the role so now I’m off shift work, whoo! I’m working regular hours like a normal person so I’m hopeful that my body will thank me for it by being less sick.
We had planned to do the whole photo a week thing but we have been super slack and so far only taken one at 9 weeks. It’s not even a baby bump in this photo, just an after breakfast bump.
However, since then, my pants have definitely become tighter and I actually think by next week (3 months along) I might have something real to show. The baby is only the size of a lime now (apparently) but is growing really fast. Our next scan with the obstetrician isn’t until the 24th of April and I really hope it looks like less of a smudge and more of an actual baby. 
The other day we received a gift for the baby! It is the first one we have gotten and it was a bit exciting to open it. Candice is a gaming geek and loves Portal. A Portal onesie!
Well that’s all I have to write today. I would like to try and post on here weekly from now on but we’ll see how that goes ;-D

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