Week 13

Over the last week something wonderful has happened. The nausea that was making life a bit difficult has started to go away. I actually felt pretty good for most of last week but then I was back on the couch feeling yuck on Friday night and most of Saturday. Yesterday was a bad day too but considering how sick I felt a few weeks ago, I consider myself pretty damn lucky right now!

Something else that has happened is my belly has popped out. It was a bit of a surprise and I felt oddly embarrassed and tried to keep it hidden from Candice. I wonder how quickly it will grow. I will post a belly photo every 4 weeks from now on.
I know it may seem a little early but we decided to paint the room we plan to use as the nursery. The room was just sitting there all cream coloured and boring but not anymore. Initially it was hard for us to decide on a colour as I wanted fresh, clean colours like teal but Candice liked the idea of deeper colours like olive green. While I love cosiness of olive green I remembered that the nursery furniture my sister is giving us was dark in colour also and I didn’t want the to room to look dark and closed in. When we went to have a look at paint I had a bunch of sample card colours that I liked but didn’t love. Candice then picked up a colour called Mint Fresh and turns out we both loved it so that was it. We then chose a grey that matched and a white for the trimmings. I think when the room is done it’s going to look amazing. We are only about 80% finished at the moment but once all the walls are done I’ll put up a photo. Below are the colours – what do you think?

It feels like this pregnancy is moving so slowly, I wish the months would just fly by. People have told me that they will so I should enjoy it while I can but it’s just so hard to take it day by day! Candice and I are finally going to be parents and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I’m also realising a lot more just how much support we have. Not just from family but our friends as well and that’s saying something since half of them don’t even want kids. They just know that we do and they want to see us happy. It’s nice πŸ™‚

I don’t have too much else to say today so I’ll leave it here with a picture from our most recent scan. Almost looks like an actual baby this time!


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