Second trimester is underway and I think my pup knows it

I’m over 14 weeks now, yay! The scary part of pregnancy (not including the birth of course) is now over and we can start to relax and let it sink in that we are going to become parents this year.

Today we did the ol’ Facebook pregnancy announcement to let all those who we hadn’t yet told, know our good news. A big thank you to Candice’s mum for climbing the ladder to take this shot!

Candice and I have 2 dogs called Yoshi and Luna and I think it’s pretty safe to say they both have a favourite. Yoshi doesn’t have too much time for me when Candice is around but Luna adores me to no end. Very early on in this pregnancy Luna started acting a little weird around me and was even more clingy than usual. At first I thought it was in my head but then Candice was noticing it too. Like, whenever I used to get home from work both dogs would greet me excitedly but now Luna stands between me and Yoshi and won’t let her get too close. Or if I am sitting on the couch and Yoshi tries to sit next to me, Luna will squeeze in between us and place her paws over my legs and belly quite possessively. If I go to bed early she sleeps on the floor outside the bedroom door rather than hang with Yoshi and Candice in the lounge room. Every night Luna has to rest her chin on the edge of the bed next to my pillow before going to her own bed and every morning she is right back there resting her chin again waiting for me to wake up. It’s ADORABLE. But is it normal? Is she being protective of me or can dogs sense a baby? If they can, is she then being protective of the baby or am I crazy for thinking so? All I know is that she has definitely become my faithful little sidekick over the last few months. 

Lately, we have started to think what will happen in relation to our dogs when we have the baby. They have always been spoilt indoor dogs that are allowed on the couch and tend run around like they own the place. How is that going to work with a newborn in the house? Our solution is to work on the double garage and get it all sorted for them to sleep in for at least the first few months. We already have a small corner sectioned off in there that is protected from the outside elements in case of rainy weather while we are at work but we would like to make it larger and a bit more homely. I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds and yes, I do know they are dogs. But they are family to us and we want them to be comfortable. So I think with some carpet, dog beds/blankets and some chew toys they may actually like it in there. Does anyone have any advice on this topic? How did you handle having a tiny baby and dogs? Did you let them stay inside and how did that work out? I’m very interested to know as we have no idea what to expect.


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