Will it be a girl or a boy?

In less than a month Candice and I have the chance to find out the gender of our baby at the next ultrasound. And yes, we do want to find out. Right from the very beginning we have been curious and excited to know if we will be raising a son or a daughter. Now I just hope that the baby cooperates and sits still long enough for the technician to get a good view. The last few ultrasounds have shown a very active little being in there – arching, twerking, somersaults, even strumming the umbilical cord like a guitar.  Come on little one, we just need one clear image at the scan next month. It’s going to be quite surreal to find out. I think because I’m such a daydreamer, finding out the gender is going to make this all feel a lot more real. From imagining what their little voice will sound like to what sort of person they may grow up to be.

Candice and I have gone back and forth over the years regarding our preference to what we would like to have first – a girl or a boy. Girl, then boy, then girl, then boy again, over and over. I suppose it’s a good thing as no matter what gender it turns out to be, we won’t be disappointed as we see so many positives in both.

We were sent a list of old wives tales that can supposedly predict the gender.

Baby’s heartbeat rate:  >140 beats per minute is a girl, <140 beats per minutes is a boy
Our answer: Heartbeat rate has never been lower than 150 = girl

Morning sickness: yes means girl, no means boy
Our answer: yes, yes, yes = girl

Cravings: sweet things mean girl, savoury means boy
Our answer: mostly sweet = girl

Emotions: happy most of the time means girl, moody means boy
Our answer: pretty damn happy = girl

Sleep: Sleeping mostly on right side means girl, left side means boy
Our answer: Mostly right = girl

Skin: soft means girl, dry means boy
Our answer: skin is still soft although I’ve started noticing dry legs/hands = girl/boy

Headaches: yes means girl, no means boy
Our answer: yep, daily headaches = girl

Ring on string over belly: Swinging in a circle means girl, swaying side to side means boy
Our answer: It swayed side to side = boy

So it’s a slightly mixed bag there but definitely more girl answers. We know old wives tales are silly but now we both feel like it’s going to be a girl! But who knows, there could very well be a little wiener growing in there.

Only 22 more days until we should know!

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