Pregnant dreams… or shall I say nightmares.

Lately I’ve been having dreams where I am a useless excuse for a mother.

Dreams where I’m feeding our newborn baby carrot sticks.
Ones where I realise the baby has been wearing the same dirty nappy for days.
In sleep land I leave our baby on the edge of tall benches.
Good lord, I drop the baby all the time.

What does all this mean?! Am I subconsciously worried that I may turn out to be awful at this parenting gig? When I’m awake I’ve never entertained these thoughts. I’m actually quite confident that Candice and I will do alright. I know there will be lots to learn in the beginning but I really believe our instincts will guide us through most of it.

So what is with all these stupid dreams? Maybe it’s just a pregnancy thing. Has anyone else had these type of dreams?

Candice has been having baby dreams too, though not like mine. All of her dreams involve baby poo. Changing nappy after nappy. Shit everywhere. Green poo on her fingers. Crap all over the bed sheets.  I haven’t had the heart to break the news to her yet that these dreams probably won’t be far from our reality. She doesn’t have the strongest stomach but is determined to make nappy changing duties 50/50 so it will be interesting to see how that unfolds. It will also be hilarious.

I’m 4 months pregnant now… time still feels like it is going slow to me. I borrowed a heartbeat doppler from my sister and now whenever I have those thoughts of doom I can check and listen to that super fast heartbeat coming from my belly. It’s awesome.

Tomorrow is Friday, hope you all have a great weekend planned!

One thought on “Pregnant dreams… or shall I say nightmares.

  1. I had these dreams all the time, especially dropping the baby…I love that Candice is having nightmares of poo! She should be scared!
    I can't believe your 4 months, freaking hell!


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