Ikea haul

Today Candice and I decided we would both call in sick and sleep in. Mid week breaks from work are my favourite! I had been wanting to visit Ikea for a while now so once we were up that’s where we headed off to. We were in the market for baby things – toys, lighting, artwork, anything cute. 
There are quite a few items we will go back for but here are a few things we purchased today.

This plush is part of the Torva series and is based on a characterfilled veggie patch. It’s designed to get kids curious about heathy food and where it comes from. I love this guy.

Also from the same veggie patch series. These plush toys are about 50cm in height and were $15 each.

Candice and I are both big fans of wooden toys so these stacking rings were a must. Bright, colourful and were only $10. Bargain.

We are going to need a lamp for the nursery and after a quick look decided on this one. This doesn’t come assembled… and it wasn’t easy to put together but we love it. It was $30.

We bought three of these shelves. Technically they are picture shelves but we plan to attach them to the wall and use them to display children’s books.

Like this ^^ Each shelf cost $8.

Lastly, this print. We wanted to steer away from the typical nursery artwork. It’s not that we have anything against pastel butterflies or teddybears, it’s just that it’s really not our style. We prefer quirky, unconventional stuff. I know some people would hate this but I seriously really, really love it. The print cost $8 and the frame which is super lightweight (soon to be painted white) was $7.

Our total baby gear spending today was $109. We are pretty happy with all our choices and I can’t wait until we can put the whole nursery together.

Well, I’m off to shovel a block of swedish chocolate into my mouth now. Yum!!

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