The latest news

Hint – there isn’t much.

Last week Candice and I had our Morphology scan. I was looking forward to this ultrasound because it’s the last one that would confirm that we had a healthy growing baby. We had already been given the all clear in the 12 week scan for any chromosomal abnormalities and now we were just wanting to know that the baby is developing normally.

I had taken the whole day as annual leave and Candice took half a day so we were both pretty irritated when the sonographer accused us of booking our appointment too early. For starters it wasn’t us who decided on the appointment date. When I called Queensland Diagnostic Imaging they asked for my due date and then gave me the appointment time when I would be between the 18-20 week mark. Anyway, long story short is that the sonographer was a bit of a jerk about it and was trying to tell me that I was only 17 weeks and 5 days so I shouldn’t have booked it so early. The reality of it though is that I was actually just over the 18 week mark. He was so pushy and spoke to us as if we were stupid. I think it annoyed me so much because I know exactly how many weeks I am down to the exact day, pretty much down to the hour. That’s the benefit of IVF I suppose, really takes the guess work out of it. He said we would need to come back in a week so we left and made an appointment for the 4th of June; two weeks after the failed scan. We also requested the scan to be with the same female sonographer we had at the 12 week scan. She was much more pleasant than the guy we had last week. He was the first male we have had to deal with during this whole baby making process and he absolutely ruined that experience. I don’t think he was especially homophobic, more of a condescending asshole. Though I did notice that unlike the 12 week sonographer, he didn’t seem to be showing Candice the sort of respect a partner would and should be getting. Needless to say we weren’t able to get that extra reassurance that everything is going well.

It also means that for now the gender remains a mystery.

In other news, I’m pretty certain that I’ve started feeling the baby kick. It’s more of a tapping sensation really. I first noticed it last week but since then it has been getting more frequent and I love it! Hopefully they get stronger over the next few weeks so Candice can feel them too.

I finally caved and bought some maternity clothes for work. All my tops are getting a bit tight and uncomfortable and I’m wearing my skirts up so high above my bump it’s getting ridiculous. I busted a button off my lab coat the other day so I’m thinking I may need to get a bigger one of those too.

We bought a glider chair for the nursery and we both think it is the best thing ever. Some friends of ours bought one with their first baby and said it was one of the best investments they made. Even though their daughter is now a toddler they still use it heaps for comfy storybook reading before nap/bedtime.

That’s all that has really happened lately. We are still slowly filling the nursery with all the things we have been told we will need and also some useless things that we just think are adorable. As first time parents, we are allowed to do that!

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