How did we get here?

A bit of a time line I suppose.

January, 2007 – We officially became a couple after months of drunken flirting and stolen kisses.

January, 2008 – In typical lesbian fashion we were living together within a year. With a cat.

May, 2010 – We went touring through Europe together. From the lochs of Scotland to the Eiffel Tower and everything in between.

This was taken in Monaco

July, 2011 – First visited Queenstown, NZ. We both fell in love with this place and knew we would be back again in no time.


August, 2011 – Yoshi, a chocolate labrador puppy comes to live with us.

May, 2012 – A tiny little golden retriever joins our family. We name her Luna.

Luna & Yoshi

August, 2012 – After hiding the ring for months, I finally proposed to Candice and we became engaged.

March, 2013 – We bought a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, with a huge yard for our dogs. Our own home!

May, 2013 – We celebrated our engagement with a picnic at New Farm Park.

August, 2013 – With a small group of family and friends we flew over to Queenstown, NZ so we could legally get married. Same sex marriage had only been legal in New Zealand for less than a week by this point so it was all very rushed and stressful getting the marriage licence in order. But we did and it was magical!

September, 2013 – We had our first fertility appointment with QFG and begin IUI attempts.

January, 2014 – We began IVF and had the first embryo transfer on the 31st.

February, 2014 – Positive pregnancy test , yay!

That brings us to today. Of course a lot has happened between the gaps in that timeline but I would be here all day. It’s been a pretty amazing 7 years and it’s only getting better and better.

Early next week is the 5 month mark in the pregnancy. Seriously, it’s been 5 MONTHS already?! Starting our family was something we had spoken about at length over the years. For some reason or another we could never figure out when that right time was. Have we travelled enough? Are we in a good position financially? Will we miss all the drunken late nights out? Have we had enough time to just be us as a couple? There is never a right time to take leave from your career, give up your freedom, face your fears of something completely brand new, alter the life you know with your partner, and most importantly, have an actual tiny human depend on you for life. There is no magical right time when all of those things align. Candice and I love each other a lot. In fact there is so much love that we even have spare reserves of it. We’re keeping it nice and safe for when our little someone joins us this October.

I’m so excited about the future, I get quite overwhelmed sometimes. It’s all moving so fast yet slow at the same time. Four months to go, yew!!

Well I’ve quite enjoyed that trip down memory lane but if you’ll excuse me, my wife just got home from work and I’d rather look at her than this computer screen. ;-P


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