Our weekend away

We arrived home today from our ‘babymoon’ after a relaxing few days in the hinterlands. In the end we chose a spot that was only a ten minute drive out of Byron Bay in NSW. It was called the Sunset Cottage and we can definitely confirm that it lived up to it’s name. We spent some of our time in the centre of Byron, mostly for all the yummy food and shopping. The rest of the time was spent at the cottage just lazing around eating, feeling for baby belly kicks, napping, long talks and board games.

Here are a few photos from our weekend.
The cute long driveway.
Awaiting the sunset.
Soaking up the view and some vitamin D.
Out for breakfast.
Candice found this book – it’s so good.
My shopping find was a pair of wooden sunglasses – I’m in love with them.
The kidlet wasn’t forgotten on our shopping trip.
Naps on the daybed over looking the bush.
There was a giant bath that I wish we could have taken home – Candice looks like she is sitting in a giant teacup.
Our little home for the weekend – Sunset Cottage.
Sad to leave but feeling refreshed.
We can honestly say that a babymoon is an excellent idea. I think sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in just living your day to day life, forgetting to really stop and spend ‘quality’ time with the person you love most. That person for me is Candice and even after I kicked her butt during our backgammon tournament I’m pretty sure she loves me just as much, heh 😀

Must be love

I asked Candice a question today.

Do you feel like you love the baby already?

She replied explaining that she feels attached and knows it will be instant love when he is born.

I knew exactly what she meant. Up until today that’s how I had felt – attached. I suppose if I had actually stopped and thought about it then I may have reasoned that of course I loved this unborn baby growing inside my belly.

But something has happened. At 5 months, perhaps it’s because everything seems more real but today I realised that I have fallen in love with this baby of ours. Head over heels. I had this revelation in the most mundane of situations. At work, while performing routine analysis, I felt him moving. This triggered butterflies in my stomach, an involuntary smile and my heart to quicken. It’s love. Pure and simple. Strong and intense.

Whatever attachment/love I was feeling before can only be described as mediocre in comparison to how I feel now. I can’t wait for Candice to meet our baby and experience this crazy feeling.

You always hear parents talk about that whole love at first sight when they meet their baby. How it’s so intense because it’s just not something you could ever experience with another person that you’ve just met and know absolutely nothing about. To be perfectly honest it always sounded so smug to me. But here I am, confessing these feelings of utter adoration for a being that hasn’t even been born into our lives yet and I can tell you that the last thing I feel is smug.

What I actually feel is terrified. What if something horrible were to happen to him? At 23 weeks, the chance of him surviving if he arrived now would be 17%. Have a look at the table below.

His chances increase quite a lot over the next 4 weeks so I figure if I just curl up in a roll of bubble wrap for the next month then everything should be fine. In all seriousness though, I really need to be careful when crossing roads or driving. Experts say that ‘baby brain’ isn’t real but I’ve been doing some very stupid things. Trying to reverse with my car in drive, putting things in the fridge that don’t belong there, attempting to drive without the keys in the ignition, standing at the entrance of our house and pointing my car key beeper at the front door and I’m also pretty sure I went through a red light yesterday. I could have sworn the lights changed to green but none of the cars in my rear view mirror followed… so now I’m not sure. 

That bubble wrap solution is looking pretty good right now.


I don’t know if it’s a relatively new idea or if I’ve just never heard of it but it would appear that going on a ‘baby moon’ is a thing these days. A mini holiday to spend time with your partner, enjoy sleep ins and just relax before your baby is born. To be honest, I’ll use any excuse for a weekend away so it didn’t take much to get me on board. It’s recommended that if you’re planning a baby moon, the best times to go are between weeks 18 and 28 as by then you are well and truly past the morning sickness but also not so huge that you feel uncomfortable all the time. Given that I’m 23 weeks tomorrow we have decided to book somewhere for next weekend.

We’re thinking somewhere close enough to drive as I’m not too keen on flying at the moment and I really can’t imagine sleeping without a body pillow. I’m really addicted to that thing; sleep is almost impossible without it lately. Also since it’s winter, somewhere in the hinterland region would be perfect.

In other exciting news, Candice has found herself permanent employment. The last 7 months she has been working full time as a temp and it was becoming a little stressful not knowing how long that work would last for. After 60 applicants they chose 8 for an interview. Out of the 8 interviews, only 3 applicants made it to the next round of interviews – an hour long design test. Lastly Candice was asked to come in for another half hour chat and was taken on a tour of the business followed by a lunch with the boss and existing employees. At the end of the lunch she was finally offered the position. She has already spoken to the boss explaining our situation and that she will be requiring some time off in October for the birth of our little boy and he was completely fine with it. It’s such a relief to know now that in a few months when I go on maternity leave, Candice has stable employment. Bring home that bacon baby!

Today we went to the Brisbane baby expo. I was actually really dreading it as I hate crowds but we thought we should probably check it out for any expo bargains. We still had a few important items on out list that we hadn’t yet purchased but were able to pick up 2 of them today at really great prices.

Firstly, an Angelcare movement and sound monitor. We got it at a lower price than we had seen advertised in other stores plus it came with a bonus nappy bin (see below)
An electric breast pump. I’m a little terrified of this to be perfectly honest.
Lastly, we came across this brand of eco friendly nappies. We haven’t yet made up our minds on disposables vs cloth so are still looking at all our options. However, if we do go down the disposable road then these look like a great option. They can be ordered online and include free postage when you order 2 or more packs.

17 weeks to go!

22 weeks

Well it’s now been 22 weeks since a teeny tiny embryo decided to let Candice and I be it’s future parents. We’re still grateful everyday that this pregnancy is going smoothly and that our baby boy is healthy and growing bigger everyday.

Apparently our baby is now almost 30cm long and weighs about half a kilo. He now has eye lashes, eyebrows and possibly hair on his head. My stomach has become a lot harder over the past few weeks and the little taps I was feeling are getting much stronger now. I really love it! In fact it’s about the only thing that I enjoy about pregnancy so far. Yes, it’s a total cliche but those little kicks are such an incredible feeling. Candice loves it too although due to the timing of him being awake in there she has been missing quite a lot of the movement. Over the last week it’s been in the middle of the night that he has been the most active but I’m hoping that will change to a more convenient time soon so I can get better sleep.

Once again everything feels like it’s moving along too slow and too fast at the same time. I am very much over work at the moment. The weekends are going so fast and the work days are dragging. Originally I was going to try and work as long as I could before taking maternity leave but after a crappy week at work, I have made the concrete decision that I will now be starting my leave 6 weeks before the due date. Everyday when I get home from work I have to sit with a hot water bottle on my lower back to help the pain so I imagine by the time I am 34 weeks I won’t be able to stand for 8 hours a day at work. I found an app that keeps count of how many workdays until an event and I’ve put in my expected leave date as the 5th of September. It’s 81 days in total until that date but only 59 actual workdays left! Yay!!

Here is a photo for week 22 – the bigger the baby gets, the bigger I get. Also, I’m totally losing my belly button. We had no idea it happened this early… I hope it doesn’t pop out for a while yet as popped belly buttons freak me out a bit.

Hope you all enjoy your week!  

We’re having a…

This is just a quick post to share the exciting news we got yesterday at the 20 week scan. The scan took a really long time as the sonographer was struggling to get some of the images on the correct angle that she needed. With my full bladder and very sore back this was quite a painful ultrasound by the end. We had to stop twice during the scan for me to go to the toilet but we got there. Thankfully everything looked really good and we have one very healthy baby. We were asked right at the end if we wanted to know the gender and when we both said yes she moved the ultrasound down between the legs and told us that we are having a BOY!

After all those silly old wives tales, Candice and I were certain that we were having a girl so it was quite a surprise. Strangely enough, on the drive to the scan a couple of hours earlier I had confessed to Candice that although my head was wanting a girl, my heart was actually hoping for a boy. I wasn’t sure why I felt like that but the idea of finding out that we were going to have a little boy made me nervously excited. In a good way. So yay!

A few more purchases we have made

This is more of a photo post to share some of the cute items we have bought lately.
We picked this cute little guy up from My Baby Warehouse.

Candice found this beanie at some local markets.

We have tried not to buy too much from Pumpkin Patch as I personally find the prices a little ridiculous considering babies outgrow clothes so quickly but these were half price so I felt justified.

Neither of us really love the old fashioned look of bassinets but we want the baby in our room for the first few months so we decided on a Moses basket instead. We still need to either buy or make a stand for it.
Brightly coloured soft toys for drooling on.
Spending close to $200 on a nappy bag IS NOT something I thought we would do.  The reality of it though is that we are going to have to carry this thing around with us for the next few years and neither of us were keen on any of the flowery or bright pink bags. We both had a bit of a laugh after we bought it as the tag describes this bag as “the perfect nappy bag for daddy’s on the go” Yeah, right. It feels like good quality and has all the usual bits and pieces inside, such as a change mat, thermal pockets, baby wipe container, etc.
We actually bought this pram months ago but I’ve only just realised now that I hadn’t posted it on the blog yet. I’ve never pushed a pram so smooth in my life. It takes about 7 seconds to fold down to put into the car which was quite a selling point for us. It comes with another pod seat for when the baby is a bit older. Designed from birth to age 4.

A few other big things we have gotten lately include the cot mattress and the baby car seat. The car seat was a gift from my mum and is one that converts from being a capsule style one to use from birth up to a normal car seat which can be used up to age 4. We even have a baby gate that Candice’s mum bought us. She also bought one for her place as I imagine our baby will be spending lots of time visiting the grandparents. It’s all feeling much more real having all these things in our house. 
The other day Candice’s Dad asked her mum how big the baby will be at Christmas and if it will be walking yet. A walking 2 month old would be quite amazing. It made us laugh 😀
Candice felt the baby move on Friday night! As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been feeling little tapping kicks for a couple of weeks now but didn’t expect them to be felt from the outside so soon. I’ll be 20 weeks on Tuesday – the half way mark!