A few more purchases we have made

This is more of a photo post to share some of the cute items we have bought lately.
We picked this cute little guy up from My Baby Warehouse.

Candice found this beanie at some local markets.

We have tried not to buy too much from Pumpkin Patch as I personally find the prices a little ridiculous considering babies outgrow clothes so quickly but these were half price so I felt justified.

Neither of us really love the old fashioned look of bassinets but we want the baby in our room for the first few months so we decided on a Moses basket instead. We still need to either buy or make a stand for it.
Brightly coloured soft toys for drooling on.
Spending close to $200 on a nappy bag IS NOT something I thought we would do.  The reality of it though is that we are going to have to carry this thing around with us for the next few years and neither of us were keen on any of the flowery or bright pink bags. We both had a bit of a laugh after we bought it as the tag describes this bag as “the perfect nappy bag for daddy’s on the go” Yeah, right. It feels like good quality and has all the usual bits and pieces inside, such as a change mat, thermal pockets, baby wipe container, etc.
We actually bought this pram months ago but I’ve only just realised now that I hadn’t posted it on the blog yet. I’ve never pushed a pram so smooth in my life. It takes about 7 seconds to fold down to put into the car which was quite a selling point for us. It comes with another pod seat for when the baby is a bit older. Designed from birth to age 4.

A few other big things we have gotten lately include the cot mattress and the baby car seat. The car seat was a gift from my mum and is one that converts from being a capsule style one to use from birth up to a normal car seat which can be used up to age 4. We even have a baby gate that Candice’s mum bought us. She also bought one for her place as I imagine our baby will be spending lots of time visiting the grandparents. It’s all feeling much more real having all these things in our house. 
The other day Candice’s Dad asked her mum how big the baby will be at Christmas and if it will be walking yet. A walking 2 month old would be quite amazing. It made us laugh 😀
Candice felt the baby move on Friday night! As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been feeling little tapping kicks for a couple of weeks now but didn’t expect them to be felt from the outside so soon. I’ll be 20 weeks on Tuesday – the half way mark! 

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