We’re having a…

This is just a quick post to share the exciting news we got yesterday at the 20 week scan. The scan took a really long time as the sonographer was struggling to get some of the images on the correct angle that she needed. With my full bladder and very sore back this was quite a painful ultrasound by the end. We had to stop twice during the scan for me to go to the toilet but we got there. Thankfully everything looked really good and we have one very healthy baby. We were asked right at the end if we wanted to know the gender and when we both said yes she moved the ultrasound down between the legs and told us that we are having a BOY!

After all those silly old wives tales, Candice and I were certain that we were having a girl so it was quite a surprise. Strangely enough, on the drive to the scan a couple of hours earlier I had confessed to Candice that although my head was wanting a girl, my heart was actually hoping for a boy. I wasn’t sure why I felt like that but the idea of finding out that we were going to have a little boy made me nervously excited. In a good way. So yay!

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