22 weeks

Well it’s now been 22 weeks since a teeny tiny embryo decided to let Candice and I be it’s future parents. We’re still grateful everyday that this pregnancy is going smoothly and that our baby boy is healthy and growing bigger everyday.

Apparently our baby is now almost 30cm long and weighs about half a kilo. He now has eye lashes, eyebrows and possibly hair on his head. My stomach has become a lot harder over the past few weeks and the little taps I was feeling are getting much stronger now. I really love it! In fact it’s about the only thing that I enjoy about pregnancy so far. Yes, it’s a total cliche but those little kicks are such an incredible feeling. Candice loves it too although due to the timing of him being awake in there she has been missing quite a lot of the movement. Over the last week it’s been in the middle of the night that he has been the most active but I’m hoping that will change to a more convenient time soon so I can get better sleep.

Once again everything feels like it’s moving along too slow and too fast at the same time. I am very much over work at the moment. The weekends are going so fast and the work days are dragging. Originally I was going to try and work as long as I could before taking maternity leave but after a crappy week at work, I have made the concrete decision that I will now be starting my leave 6 weeks before the due date. Everyday when I get home from work I have to sit with a hot water bottle on my lower back to help the pain so I imagine by the time I am 34 weeks I won’t be able to stand for 8 hours a day at work. I found an app that keeps count of how many workdays until an event and I’ve put in my expected leave date as the 5th of September. It’s 81 days in total until that date but only 59 actual workdays left! Yay!!

Here is a photo for week 22 – the bigger the baby gets, the bigger I get. Also, I’m totally losing my belly button. We had no idea it happened this early… I hope it doesn’t pop out for a while yet as popped belly buttons freak me out a bit.

Hope you all enjoy your week!  

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