I don’t know if it’s a relatively new idea or if I’ve just never heard of it but it would appear that going on a ‘baby moon’ is a thing these days. A mini holiday to spend time with your partner, enjoy sleep ins and just relax before your baby is born. To be honest, I’ll use any excuse for a weekend away so it didn’t take much to get me on board. It’s recommended that if you’re planning a baby moon, the best times to go are between weeks 18 and 28 as by then you are well and truly past the morning sickness but also not so huge that you feel uncomfortable all the time. Given that I’m 23 weeks tomorrow we have decided to book somewhere for next weekend.

We’re thinking somewhere close enough to drive as I’m not too keen on flying at the moment and I really can’t imagine sleeping without a body pillow. I’m really addicted to that thing; sleep is almost impossible without it lately. Also since it’s winter, somewhere in the hinterland region would be perfect.

In other exciting news, Candice has found herself permanent employment. The last 7 months she has been working full time as a temp and it was becoming a little stressful not knowing how long that work would last for. After 60 applicants they chose 8 for an interview. Out of the 8 interviews, only 3 applicants made it to the next round of interviews – an hour long design test. Lastly Candice was asked to come in for another half hour chat and was taken on a tour of the business followed by a lunch with the boss and existing employees. At the end of the lunch she was finally offered the position. She has already spoken to the boss explaining our situation and that she will be requiring some time off in October for the birth of our little boy and he was completely fine with it. It’s such a relief to know now that in a few months when I go on maternity leave, Candice has stable employment. Bring home that bacon baby!

Today we went to the Brisbane baby expo. I was actually really dreading it as I hate crowds but we thought we should probably check it out for any expo bargains. We still had a few important items on out list that we hadn’t yet purchased but were able to pick up 2 of them today at really great prices.

Firstly, an Angelcare movement and sound monitor. We got it at a lower price than we had seen advertised in other stores plus it came with a bonus nappy bin (see below)
An electric breast pump. I’m a little terrified of this to be perfectly honest.
Lastly, we came across this brand of eco friendly nappies. We haven’t yet made up our minds on disposables vs cloth so are still looking at all our options. However, if we do go down the disposable road then these look like a great option. They can be ordered online and include free postage when you order 2 or more packs.

17 weeks to go!

4 thoughts on “Babymoon?

  1. Ooo, are you ladies thinking about adding to your adorable little family? If so, that's exciting news! We just arrived home from our 'baby moon' and it was great. Mini holidays are a must.


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