Thoughts anyone?

I would say that out of our circle of friends, about 80% of them are lesbian/gay. Of that 80% only a couple have expressed any desire to one day have children and at the moment no one in that queer circle currently have children. To be honest the only friends we have that are now parents, happen to be a cute husband and wife team that I’ve known since school. I know if we have any general parenting questions they will be a great source of knowledge, given as it’s all so fresh for them; and I’m really grateful to have that. 
There is one concern however that keeps popping up in my mind lately. I’ve been vaguely worried about the absence of other gay families that our son would perhaps be able to identify with. Is this an issue? Is it even important? Not being a child of gay parents myself, I really don’t know the answer. What are your thoughts on this subject? I am aware of how resilient kids are and that up until a certain age issues such as race, gender, sexuality, etc are non existent in their perfect little minds. People are people and that’s all there is to it. Not personally knowing any other gay parents means that we don’t have anyone in our situation that we can look to for certain parenting advice which sucks a little.
A couple of weeks ago a lesbian couple that we are friends with shared the exciting news that they were attending a QFG info seminar. We could hardly contain how excited we were at the thought of them having a little baby. As far as I’m aware at this point they are really just looking at their options and process that is involved, but still, it’s pretty big news! Realistically it could still be years before we have anyone in our queer circle of friends that make the leap into parenthood so for now we will have to make do with the internet. We are slowly trying to establish connections with other gay families from all over the world and even some within the walls of Brisbane. I’ve been looking on Rainbow Families but unfortunately it doesn’t really get updated all that much and there doesn’t ever seem to be anything in the events calendar. Blog land has been an amazing source of stories from lesbian couples in our situation and everyday I’m finding more.
I can’t wait for it to be the three of us! There are lots of kicks and flips coming from my belly now, it never seems to stop for long. Candice says that even in the middle of the night when she puts her arms around me she can feel him dancing away in there. I have been getting more and more exhausted at work but I’m hoping it’s due to a growth spurt that the little dude is having and not an indication of what the months to come will be like. Afternoon naps are quickly becoming a ‘thing’.
Candice is enjoying her new workplace and really likes all the people which I’m relieved about. I would hate for her to work a job she hates just because she felt the pressure of having to be the sole income earner for our family while I’m on maternity leave. Speaking of maternity leave, I only have 8 more weeks to go!
Two weeks until the third trimester starts. 

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