26 weeks and 2 days!

I’m nearing the end of a 4 day weekend and today I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for work tomorrow. I have really enjoyed the last few days just pottering about the house and taking a break from doing much of anything. I would say that health wise, I’m doing pretty well and have thus far managed to avoid catching a winter cold/flu, hooray. It doesn’t make much sense but after a day of doing nothing I can feel so exhausted that my eyes are stinging and my body feels really heavy. Not everyday, just some days. A few other complaints – same old lower backache, I am incredibly thirsty all the time (no matter how much water I drink), and heartburn. I didn’t even know what heartburn felt like until a couple of weeks ago but I quickly decided it’s a pain in the ass.

In 2 weeks my OB is sending me off to have the glucose tolerance test. I haven’t heard great things about it but hopefully my experience won’t be too bad. For the 3 days prior I need to make sure I’m eating carbs in every meal and then for the 12 hours before my appointment I can’t eat anything. All the test involves is drinking a very sugary liquid, a urine sample, a blood test. The whole thing takes 2.5 hours though so I’ll have to remember to take a book. I’ve heard that the drink can make you feel nauseous and that it’s not uncommon to vomit. However, if you do end up throwing up, you have to come back another day and do the test all over again. Fingers crossed I can keep the drink down for the whole time I’m there.

We’re still working on getting the nursery furniture painted so we can put together the cot and make the room actually look like a nursery. It’s already my favourite room in our house.

There are only 14 weeks to go now! My belly has become so firm and it’s strange and awesome all at once. Below are a few photos taken recently.

Week 26 belly photo
Luna loves giving my belly hugs
Made some geometric shapes out of straws for the nursery. They just need to be painted red then we plan to hang them above the cot in place of a mobile.
Candice with my adorable nephew at a family picnic. 
How I spent a winter afternoon at home.
Yet another belly photo and a sneak peek of the nursery so far.

One thought on “26 weeks and 2 days!

  1. Love the mobile, what a great idea!
    I didn't find the glucose test too bad, the drink tasted like lemonade I'm pretty sure, the worst part was holding my bladder! So hopefully it won't be too bad for you 🙂
    Always love your beautiful photo's xxx


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