Latest OB appointment

This morning I had an appointment to find out the results of the Glucose Tolerance Test that I mentioned last week. Even though I know I wasn’t in a high risk category, it was still a huge relief to find out that I definitely don’t have gestational diabetes and that this pregnancy is continuing to be a healthy one.

The OB did her standard thing – took my blood pressure, felt around my belly, etc. She said she could feel either a head or a boney little bum just under my rib cage. When it was time for her to do the quick scan, it turned out to be a boney bum she could feel. Our baby’s head is down which is great and she thinks it’s unlikely at this point that he will turn up the other way given as there is very little room left. So looks like no chance of a breech birth, yay! 
My blood test results showed “very, very low” iron levels so from today I will need to start taking another 2 iron tablets a day plus the Elevit multivitamins I’ve been taking throughout the whole pregnancy. Candice and I have a predominately vegetarian diet though neither of us are actual vegetarians – we just don’t particularly care for meat. We never have any actual meat in our house and our day to day meals are usually substituted with lentils, kidney beans and loads of veggies. So we’re going to have to look at our diet and work on that a bit. The OB wants me to get another blood test in 3 weeks to recheck my levels. If my iron is still not where she wants it to be then I will have to head over to the Mater Hospital for an intravenous iron infusion. I’m not too excited by that idea so really hoping that the tablets are diet changes will be enough. She said that we don’t need to worry about the baby – he is getting his share of iron before I do, it’s just that birth and blood loss go hand in hand so she wants to make sure my iron levels and body are ready for that.
Needless to say, I stopped in at the chemist and bought some iron tablets today. I’ve been feeling so run down and exhausted lately which I now realise is probably in part caused by the whole iron deficiency thing.
Here are a few ladyladybaby instagram pics the last week or so 🙂
Make me strong!
Bought this adorable rocking moose from Ikea and it was surprising easy to assemble.
The finished product – CUTE.
A photo of two of my most favourite things, Candice & Luna.

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