10 things I love about being pregnant

This last week or so has been pretty rough – I’ve been sore, sleep deprived and just generally feeling exhausted. It has been quite a struggle to get through each work day as my motivation is at an all time low. I could feel myself getting swallowed up by my own negativity. Then I had someone remind me that I only have a month left of work and I should just focus on all the good. It sounds so simple and obvious but I think I really needed to be reminded of how lucky I am. No matter how tired or uncomfortable I feel, I’m exactly were I want to be – the final trimester of a healthy pregnancy! So with only 10 weeks to go I thought I would write a list, in no particular order; 10 things I love about being pregnant.

1. Day dreaming – I have always been a bit of a day dreamer and now a good chunk of my day is dedicated to letting my imagination out of it’s box to wonder at just what this tiny little son of ours will be like. What interests will he have? Will he share a love of science and art like his mummy or will he be intrigued with gaming and technology like his mama? Maybe he will be active and outdoorsy. Bookish? An old soul or before his time? Perhaps even a mixture of all of the above. I imagine celebrating his birthdays and achievements. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

2. Movement – Feeling all the baby kicks and rolls has to be, without a doubt, one of the best things about pregnancy. It’s just so reassuring and makes it all feel that much more real.

3. Chocolate – Before I was pregnant, chocolate was neither here nor there. I didn’t really care about it or crave it and didn’t understand the worlds obsession. Let’s just say I do now. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate bars, hot chocolate drinks, chocolate cake, chocolate covered nuts. Anything chocolate these days, I’ll give it a go. I am interested to know if this will continue once I’m no longer pregnant.

4. No hangovers – This may sound awful but not drinking alcohol was one of things about pregnancy that I wasn’t looking forward to. Mainly due to the heavy presence of booze at social events and my awkwardness/shyness when I’m sober. But not having to endure a hangover has been great! It feels like I have saved heaps of money too as going out is so cheap when I’m not drinking. I also like that my head always feels clear and that I never waste a whole day feeling hungover.  Don’t get me wrong, in the years to come you will certainly see me enjoying a beer at a bbq or a glass of wine at dinner. In fact I’m quite looking forward to be able to celebrate a gorgeous day with a cold brew. Just not as much as I used to.

5. People are nice – This is only something that has recently started happening, I suppose due to the fact that I actually look quite pregnant now. Strangers are full of compliments. Work colleagues make excuses for me when ‘baby brain’ takes over. I’ve also become quite clumsy; dropping things constantly and it’s amazing how quickly someone will dive to pick it up for me so that I won’t have to bend. Pregnancy sure brings out the chivalry in other people and I have to admit it feels rather wonderful.

6. Shower routine – I know, I know. Everybody loves showers, not just pregnant women. But honestly, I really love my showers now more than I ever have. My concern for the environment in regards to water wastage has gone out the window over the past 30 weeks. The hotter and longer, the better. It helps with all the aches and pains and tiredness. A tiny little moment of deliciously scented luxury. Then after my shower while the steam is still rising off my skin, I rub Bio Oil or Coco Butter moisturiser all over my growing belly, in the hope of keeping any stretch marks from appearing. So far, so good. I then tie my hair back, moisturise my face, neck and hands and put on fresh clothing. In that moment, the world is good.

7. Anticipation – It’s always exciting when you have something big coming up – a birthday, an overseas holiday, even just a catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. It’s fun counting down the weeks and days to that event. The anticipation of waiting for a baby to grow and finally be born is long and intense! That’s 40 weeks of waiting, wondering, planning and preparing. The excitement just builds and builds.

8. Motivation to finish projects – When Candice and I bought our home, we had quite a long list of projects and renovations. The problem we found, is that it’s very easy to hold off on actually starting and finishing these projects when you don’t have any sort of deadline. I guess the realisation of having a baby on the way, gives you the type of motivation to get things done. Probably because we know that realistically, after the baby is born, we aren’t going to have the convenience of time that we do now. In the last few months, we (meaning mainly Candice and her Dad) have built a huge deck, gutted and rebuilt our walk in wardrobe, built a sheltered area for the dogs in the garage and have finished 99% of the nursery.

9. Renewed appreciation of science and the female body – I’ve been blown away at what the female body can adapt to and handle. That it can nourish a microscopic embryo and grow each cell so perfectly that organs and brain tissue develop. All the body’s nutrients, blood, oxygen and immunity are given primarily to the growing baby first, leaving the female body with what’s left to function on. Hormones rapidly increase and carry out the exact purpose that they intended. Incredible!

10. Candice’s protectiveness – This might even be my favourite thing of all. Since we first saw that positive pregnancy test she has become quite protective in the sweetest ways. If we go grocery shopping, she won’t let me carry any bags inside incase it hurts my back. When I sit down on the couch she will bring me a blanket to keep me warm. When she wakes up to my pathetic whimpering in the middle of the night about my sore back, she will gently massage without being asked. She worries when I drive anywhere and messages to make sure I have arrived safely. All these things and more. At numerous times throughout the night I feel her put her hands around my belly to feel for the baby and she will ask me several times a day if I’ve felt him move recently. I think it’s sweet that she has become so concerned with my safety but even more adorable that she has become just as protective of our growing baby too.

3 thoughts on “10 things I love about being pregnant

  1. Point 10 has to be the sweetest thing! That's what a relationship should be hehe! I can't wait for that one day, it must feel nice 🙂
    Excellent blog and insta page, there aren't many lesbian family pages, or if there are they're hard to find.
    Best wishes! Xx


  2. Thank you! I think I'm pretty damn lucky. If you are looking for other lesbian family blogs I have a list of all the blogs we love to read about half way down the page on the right (if you are viewing the full web version of ladyladybaby). You might find something you like 🙂


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