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This week poor Candice has been really sick with a flu, though she has been a trooper and just gotten on with work. This might sound odd but I was actually hoping that we would both get a cold/flu during this third trimester. Just so that we have those antibodies to help combat catching a cold during the first few months after the baby arrives. This is the first winter in a very long time that I haven’t gotten sick. It’s really strange as I’ve been surrounded by sickness both at work and now at home but have somehow managed to stay healthy. With my iron levels being so low, I thought I would have decreased immunity so I’m actually pretty surprised. I just hope that I don’t get sick right at the time of my due date or worse, just after the baby is born. I’m scared of that.

On the home front, the nursery is very close to being finished. We are just installing some draws and shelving into the built in closet to store all of the baby clothes. Last week we decided to wash all of his gear and work out how much of each size there is, just to make sure we have enough. We needn’t have worried. Five air dryer hangers later we realise that this kid is all set in the clothes department. Everything is just so tiny and takes up such little room I suppose it gave the illusion that there wasn’t much.

Candice finished designing our baby shower invites and we have been thinking about that a little bit. We have decided on a small shower with family and a few close friends. We really didn’t want people to feel obliged to attend. After all, does anyone truthfully enjoy these types of things? It was a no brainer for us to make it a ‘co-ed’ baby shower and it will be more of a bbq type event. We’re a lot more comfortable with that than cucumber sandwiches and cake. Not saying there won’t be cake of course! I’m voting for a chocolately, chocolate covered, chocolate flavoured cake.

Only 2 weeks left of work before maternity leave starts and a little over 8 weeks until the due date! After months of going back and forth about it we have decided to get one of the 4D scans done. We have always found them quite creepy to look at but curiosity has gotten too much for us and we have booked in to get one done tomorrow. I can’t believe we are actually going to see his tiny face. I’ll post some of the photos on here sometime over the weekend.

Until then here are a few instagrams.

So fiddly and cute!

Our baby shower invite. 

With our love of wooden toys it was awesome to open this mail up and find a bear-driving-a-fish car. A cute gift for our little boy from friends in Melbourne. Love it!

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