Letter to a boy

Dear little man,

It’s your Mummy here. As I write this you are currently squirming around in my belly, occasionally pushing up under my right rib cage, leaving me temporarily breathless. I know you’re running out of room in there but don’t stress. Soon you’ll be on the other side, in a world so big you’ll struggle to understand it’s enormity. Champ, you won’t need to worry about a thing – your Mumma and I totally have your back.

You are 36 weeks and 2 days old today so it’s not long at all until it’s time to meet you. We keep on trying to think of chores that we can do to be more prepared; more organised for your arrival. The thing is though, we’re ready now.

Ready for all those sleepless nights everyone keeps warning us about. Ready to accidentally get pee and poo on our bare hands. Ready for all the struggles we may face as first time parents.

We’re also ready for your first smile. Your first giggle. The first time you recognise our faces. We’re so ready to look into your eyes for the first time. You’re Mumma says she especially can’t wait for your hugs.

We know it’s not possible to accumulate sleep but lately we have been going to bed early, in case we regret not sleeping as much as we could before your arrival. Instead of falling asleep however, we lay there chatting about you. We wonder what colour hair you will have, how big you’ll be. We talk about breastfeeding and how to correctly bath and clean you. We discuss our hopes for you and all the silly, fun times that we can’t wait to see you experience. You’re unbelievably popular in this house already.

I’m excited for you to meet your Mumma. While I’ve been growing and looking after you in my belly, she has been looking after me, making sure I never over do it so that you stay safe and healthy. In the years to come she will teach you to be brave, kind and confident and I promise you’ll never have as much fun with anyone as you do with her.

We are going to try our best to get everything right the first go but please be patient with us. We’re going to be nervous in the beginning. We’ll be completely in awe of you and unfortunately for the first few days you may get handled like a piece of fine china. But don’t worry, we will get better.

Know that we will always encourage you to be your own person. Your opinions will consistently be heard even during times when we struggle to understand them. You will never feel alone, I can promise you that.

You are so very loved already.

Now be a good boy and stop kicking your Mummy in the ribs.



Baby Nursery

It’s been super fun decorating the nursery but we’ve finally finished! I would still like to add a toy box but haven’t found one I like yet and didn’t want to throw one in there just for the sake of finishing. I have an idea for a simple wooden slat toy box that Candice can build and I can paint but not sure when we will get around to doing that. This blog post is more of a photo share so scroll on down and let us know what you think!


A close up of the honeycomb shelving inhabitants.


More honeycomb bits and pieces


The honeycomb shelving


This is a mobile I made out of straws, string and spray paint


Big chunky clock that we bought from Ikea


We were given a collection of cardboard pop out forest animals and have littered them throughout the room. This bear lives on the lamp table.


We stocked these Ikea book shelves with lots of wonderful books.


I made this deer print baby blanket using some fabric that I’d been holding onto for ages.


Both the change table and cot were given to us as they were no longer needed by my sister’s toddler. They were originally brown but we decided to paint them white and we’re happy with the result.


Moses basket filled with baby toys


The change table has been stocked with lots of nappies, wipes and baby bath products.


The built in mirrored wardrobe has a rainbow coloured dresser inside. It is filled with the most adorable baby clothes.


Above view of the cot


Reading corner


Big star rug that we bought from Masters Hardware.


Another view of the reading corner


View from the entry


View from reading corner

All of the things

I wrote a checklist months ago of all the things we would need once the baby arrived. The list was long and we weren’t sure if half of the items were even ‘essential’. Being first time parents, we bought them any. So here is a list of everything we have so far!

– cot
– cot mattress
– change table
– change table mat & cover
– glider armchair & ottoman
– moses basket
– car seat
– pram/stroller
– high chair
– cot mattress protector
– moses basket mattress protector
– cot sheet set x 4
– moses basket sheet set x 3
– baby monitor
– ergo baby carrier
– night light
– digital thermometer
– bumbo seat
– baby bath
– bath support seat
– nappy bag
– nappy disposal bin
– soap free baby wash
– baby shampoo/conditioner
– bepanthen cream
– nappy wipes
– nappies
– baby balm
– hooded baby towel x 4
– wash cloths
– breast pump
– bottles x 2
– burp cloths
– nursing pads (day and night)
– nipple cream
– nipple protectors
– bibs
– pacifiers
– baby dinner set
– baby gate
– play mat
– bouncer
– toys
– books
– swaddles
– sleep sacks
– muslin wraps
– hats/beanies
– socks/shoes
– clothing in different styles/sizes
– baby swim wear

Pretty sure that’s everything. I’m even more sure that we probably won’t even use a lot of it.

A few more things we still need to pick up over the next month include:

– baby nail clippers
– soft bristled brush
– breast feeding pillow
– nose aspirator
– baby first aid kit

Please, if you have any suggestions on items you think we still need, leave a comment below! I’m sitting at 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant now so we still have time. Plus we still have gift vouchers from our baby shower that need to be spent, hehe.

Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with my body. When Candice initially suggested a bare pregnant belly photo I was quick to say no. However, over the last month I’ve come to love seeing it bare and would hate to regret not having any photos in the years to come. So I have started taking a few here and there as my belly gets uncomfortably enormous. This one is from last week – Week 34. I don’t plan on posting anymore on here, the rest are just for our own memories 🙂

Our little baby shower

On Saturday morning we awoke to the weather man informing us that there was an 80% chance of rain and a possible thunder storm heading our way. When Candice opened the blinds though it actually didn’t look too bad outside. There were big fluffy white clouds but also sunshine. However,we decided not to tempt the rain and began setting up the food and drinks table indoors and just had a few tables and chairs set up on the back deck. As previously mentioned, we had decided to have a smallish baby shower. Now with the threat of rain upon us, although it would be tight, at least everyone would fit inside our house if needed. However at 11.30am as people began arriving, the sun came out even more. Somehow we got super lucky and didn’t see a drop of rain for the entire day!

The whole shower went really smoothly and there’s only one thing I wished we had done differently. Remembered to take photos! We didn’t get any of the actual day but here are a few iPhone quality photos we managed to snap while setting up.

Om nom nom. 

I couldn’t get enough of these fruit cups
Glasses for the non-boozy punch.

It was such a quick day but I felt so exhausted by the time everyone left. My legs were like jelly and my feet felt shattered. But it was a great day. Despite a small guest list, there was a huge pile of gifts in the nursery that we got around to opening that night. Our baby is going to turn out to be a spoilt brat if our friends and family have their way.

Super adorable clothing.

All things practical…
…and of course, all things fun.
We also handed out these blank cards and received lots of solid advice such as “Don’t leave the baby near a dingo”

Five more weeks until the due date!

Tears and gratitude

Yesterday morning you could find me sitting in the nursery, hands on my belly, crying my eyes out. I had stumbled across an Instagram account belonging to a young mum who lost her baby 8 weeks ago due to complications during labour. After 12 hours of active labour the emergency c-section came too late and he was born without a heartbeat. Scrolling down her page and reading her story was so incredibly heartbreaking. The idea of losing a baby at such a late stage is something that up until now, I hadn’t even considered.

I can’t imagine the pain of going home to an empty nursery.

I’ve been left with heavy feelings of sadness for this woman. How do you come back from something like that? For my own sanity, I’m trying not to think about it too much today and focus more on being grateful for the healthy baby we have growing inside my belly right now. It can be easy to forget how lucky we are sometimes.

The other day I went for a scan to check the placental location and general growth and well being of the baby. Placenta has moved out of the way, no longer sitting right next to the cervix opening which is great news. As for the people that thought I was going to give birth to a 10lb baby, they’re wrong. Well, according to the scan measurements anyway. He is actually measuring a little small. We’ve been reassured by both the sonographer and the OB that this is nothing to be concerned about. All of his organs look great, his heartbeat is nice and strong and he is well proportioned. He is just measuring abound 8 days smaller than he actually is. The sonographer said that some women just have small babies and some have big babies. The OB said that given my size (and that our donor isn’t a giant) it’s not a surprise that the baby is small. So it looks like we can expect an average 7-8lb baby. I’m not all that sure how accurate these measurements really are at predicting weight. I think they are more of a rough guide but I still feel a slight sense of relief that he isn’t HUGE.

We have our baby shower planned for this Saturday and it is forecast to rain. Hopefully it’s more of a light shower than constant heavy rain so we can still have it partly outside. Otherwise it could become a tad cramped inside our house. We have been making a few more things for the baby shower over the last week and now I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Despite the crappy weather forecast, we’re hoping everyone still turns up and has a good time. Well, as much a good time as is possible at a baby shower, anyway.

Candice has made up little word game booklets for those people wanting to play.
These lolly jars will be used as prizes for the winners.
Cupcake toppers

Flags for the straws

Week 34 belly shot!

Getting my iron on.

Yesterday was the day of the iron infusion. I picked Candice up from work at 9am and we headed straight to the hospital. I wasn’t meant to arrive until 9:45 but because we had no idea where to park or where the Pregnancy Assessment Unit was, we gave ourselves double the time to get there. The infusion was meant to begin at 10am but due to a mix up between the hospital pharmacy and the Pregnancy Assessment Unit they weren’t ready for me. It was an hour and a half later before we were finally able to get it started. The infusion only took 30 minutes and I didn’t have any reaction so once the midwife checked myself and the baby and had given us the all clear we could leave. The midwife actually appeared to be more concerned for Candice, who seemed to be struggling around the needles and blood. When the nurse was pulling out the intravenous needle and bandaging my hand she kept turning around every few seconds to check that Candice hadn’t fainted. It gave me a laugh and was a nice distraction. Apparently I won’t feel any different for about a week and it will still be up to a month before the iron takes full effect.

Big fat bag of the good stuff.
Lucky I’m not afraid of needles.

On the home front, I’ve completely lost all motivation. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Perhaps mixed with the low iron thing, I’m just so exhausted. Apparently my uterus is party central when I’m trying to sleep. Also struggling with ouchy heartburn that makes me feel like I’m going to throw up and back pain. Though I won’t complain too much as I know lots of movement is a good thing and that if he suddenly went quiet in there I would be stressing out. Not long to go anyway!

I’m getting mixed reviews on my belly size from people. Most of them (they might just be kind strangers) think that I’m looking small for 33 weeks but a few people, including my sister and mother-in-law think I’m huge and are guessing that I’ll have a big 10lbs baby! So naturally, now I’m a little worried. I have a scan next week to check placental location and also to take some growth measurements of the baby. We should have some kind of idea how big he will be after that scan. I really want him to be healthy but 10lbs?! Bloody hell.

Purple bump at 33 weeks
We put up the cute honeycomb shelving and stocked them with all cute things.
I could honestly decorate kid rooms all day, everyday.

First day of maternity leave

I wasn’t meant to start maternity leave until next Monday but after the last appointment with our OB it was decided that I would finish up a whole week earlier! This is due to the latest blood test results showing that my iron levels are still rather low despite the iron tablets and diet changes. Luckily my employer was understanding and supportive and didn’t have a problem with it, yay!

To combat the anaemia, our OB has booked me into the hospital this week for an iron infusion. I’m told that I will be hooked up to an intravenous line for about half an hour and pumped full of iron. There is little to no side effects apparently which is a relief. Candice has been able to organise time off work to come with me to hospital. Unfortunately it can take up to 4 weeks to feel the positive effects of an iron infusion so I’ll probably continue feeling run down until then.

Today is my very first day at home and although I’m really happy to not be at work, I’m feeling a little guilty. Guilty that Candice is at work and I’m not. It’s actually quite stupid of me to feel like this as I know that Candice actually really enjoys her job. On top of that, it was Candice who encouraged me to finish up work earlier when I wasn’t sure if I should. Still, I feel like I need to make use of every single minute today. It’s barely lunchtime and I’ve washed 4 loads of linen, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned up the dishes, sorted out the dreaded plastic container drawer, vacuumed, swept the tiles and made a few bits and pieces for the baby shower. I have probably exerted more energy than I would if I was actually at work today which kind of defeats the point starting maternity leave early. My hips and back are starting to hurt so I think I might spend the rest of today just drinking tea and reading. It’s a hard life!

Seven weeks to go until we meet our little guy.


Argh! I hope we’re ready.

This was taken early in the morning on my final day in the lab. No more work!
This is a before and after of inside the nursery built in cupboard. Much more organised in there now.

These are some paper napkins that I’ve made into little bow ties to use at our baby shower in a few weeks.
Some honeycomb shelving for the nursery. We’re so close to finishing that room!

Today is the first day of Spring and it seems like the weather has instantly become gorgeous and warm. I love changes in seasons and Spring is one of my favourites. I hope this perfect weather sticks around!