First day of maternity leave

I wasn’t meant to start maternity leave until next Monday but after the last appointment with our OB it was decided that I would finish up a whole week earlier! This is due to the latest blood test results showing that my iron levels are still rather low despite the iron tablets and diet changes. Luckily my employer was understanding and supportive and didn’t have a problem with it, yay!

To combat the anaemia, our OB has booked me into the hospital this week for an iron infusion. I’m told that I will be hooked up to an intravenous line for about half an hour and pumped full of iron. There is little to no side effects apparently which is a relief. Candice has been able to organise time off work to come with me to hospital. Unfortunately it can take up to 4 weeks to feel the positive effects of an iron infusion so I’ll probably continue feeling run down until then.

Today is my very first day at home and although I’m really happy to not be at work, I’m feeling a little guilty. Guilty that Candice is at work and I’m not. It’s actually quite stupid of me to feel like this as I know that Candice actually really enjoys her job. On top of that, it was Candice who encouraged me to finish up work earlier when I wasn’t sure if I should. Still, I feel like I need to make use of every single minute today. It’s barely lunchtime and I’ve washed 4 loads of linen, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned up the dishes, sorted out the dreaded plastic container drawer, vacuumed, swept the tiles and made a few bits and pieces for the baby shower. I have probably exerted more energy than I would if I was actually at work today which kind of defeats the point starting maternity leave early. My hips and back are starting to hurt so I think I might spend the rest of today just drinking tea and reading. It’s a hard life!

Seven weeks to go until we meet our little guy.


Argh! I hope we’re ready.

This was taken early in the morning on my final day in the lab. No more work!
This is a before and after of inside the nursery built in cupboard. Much more organised in there now.

These are some paper napkins that I’ve made into little bow ties to use at our baby shower in a few weeks.
Some honeycomb shelving for the nursery. We’re so close to finishing that room!

Today is the first day of Spring and it seems like the weather has instantly become gorgeous and warm. I love changes in seasons and Spring is one of my favourites. I hope this perfect weather sticks around!

2 thoughts on “First day of maternity leave

  1. Hi there, I found your blog through 'More than words' and it looks like I have found you just in time for the last few weeks before your little man arrives, how exciting, I'm going to subscribe 🙂

    Those rainbow drawers in his closet are amazing!


  2. Thank you! We're trying to make his room nice, bright and happy so what better than a rainbow! We hope these next few weeks go really fast, we can't wait to meet our boy.

    I have just had a look through your blog, Emilia is such a cutie!!


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