Getting my iron on.

Yesterday was the day of the iron infusion. I picked Candice up from work at 9am and we headed straight to the hospital. I wasn’t meant to arrive until 9:45 but because we had no idea where to park or where the Pregnancy Assessment Unit was, we gave ourselves double the time to get there. The infusion was meant to begin at 10am but due to a mix up between the hospital pharmacy and the Pregnancy Assessment Unit they weren’t ready for me. It was an hour and a half later before we were finally able to get it started. The infusion only took 30 minutes and I didn’t have any reaction so once the midwife checked myself and the baby and had given us the all clear we could leave. The midwife actually appeared to be more concerned for Candice, who seemed to be struggling around the needles and blood. When the nurse was pulling out the intravenous needle and bandaging my hand she kept turning around every few seconds to check that Candice hadn’t fainted. It gave me a laugh and was a nice distraction. Apparently I won’t feel any different for about a week and it will still be up to a month before the iron takes full effect.

Big fat bag of the good stuff.
Lucky I’m not afraid of needles.

On the home front, I’ve completely lost all motivation. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Perhaps mixed with the low iron thing, I’m just so exhausted. Apparently my uterus is party central when I’m trying to sleep. Also struggling with ouchy heartburn that makes me feel like I’m going to throw up and back pain. Though I won’t complain too much as I know lots of movement is a good thing and that if he suddenly went quiet in there I would be stressing out. Not long to go anyway!

I’m getting mixed reviews on my belly size from people. Most of them (they might just be kind strangers) think that I’m looking small for 33 weeks but a few people, including my sister and mother-in-law think I’m huge and are guessing that I’ll have a big 10lbs baby! So naturally, now I’m a little worried. I have a scan next week to check placental location and also to take some growth measurements of the baby. We should have some kind of idea how big he will be after that scan. I really want him to be healthy but 10lbs?! Bloody hell.

Purple bump at 33 weeks
We put up the cute honeycomb shelving and stocked them with all cute things.
I could honestly decorate kid rooms all day, everyday.


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