Our little baby shower

On Saturday morning we awoke to the weather man informing us that there was an 80% chance of rain and a possible thunder storm heading our way. When Candice opened the blinds though it actually didn’t look too bad outside. There were big fluffy white clouds but also sunshine. However,we decided not to tempt the rain and began setting up the food and drinks table indoors and just had a few tables and chairs set up on the back deck. As previously mentioned, we had decided to have a smallish baby shower. Now with the threat of rain upon us, although it would be tight, at least everyone would fit inside our house if needed. However at 11.30am as people began arriving, the sun came out even more. Somehow we got super lucky and didn’t see a drop of rain for the entire day!

The whole shower went really smoothly and there’s only one thing I wished we had done differently. Remembered to take photos! We didn’t get any of the actual day but here are a few iPhone quality photos we managed to snap while setting up.

Om nom nom. 

I couldn’t get enough of these fruit cups
Glasses for the non-boozy punch.

It was such a quick day but I felt so exhausted by the time everyone left. My legs were like jelly and my feet felt shattered. But it was a great day. Despite a small guest list, there was a huge pile of gifts in the nursery that we got around to opening that night. Our baby is going to turn out to be a spoilt brat if our friends and family have their way.

Super adorable clothing.

All things practical…
…and of course, all things fun.
We also handed out these blank cards and received lots of solid advice such as “Don’t leave the baby near a dingo”

Five more weeks until the due date!

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