All of the things

I wrote a checklist months ago of all the things we would need once the baby arrived. The list was long and we weren’t sure if half of the items were even ‘essential’. Being first time parents, we bought them any. So here is a list of everything we have so far!

– cot
– cot mattress
– change table
– change table mat & cover
– glider armchair & ottoman
– moses basket
– car seat
– pram/stroller
– high chair
– cot mattress protector
– moses basket mattress protector
– cot sheet set x 4
– moses basket sheet set x 3
– baby monitor
– ergo baby carrier
– night light
– digital thermometer
– bumbo seat
– baby bath
– bath support seat
– nappy bag
– nappy disposal bin
– soap free baby wash
– baby shampoo/conditioner
– bepanthen cream
– nappy wipes
– nappies
– baby balm
– hooded baby towel x 4
– wash cloths
– breast pump
– bottles x 2
– burp cloths
– nursing pads (day and night)
– nipple cream
– nipple protectors
– bibs
– pacifiers
– baby dinner set
– baby gate
– play mat
– bouncer
– toys
– books
– swaddles
– sleep sacks
– muslin wraps
– hats/beanies
– socks/shoes
– clothing in different styles/sizes
– baby swim wear

Pretty sure that’s everything. I’m even more sure that we probably won’t even use a lot of it.

A few more things we still need to pick up over the next month include:

– baby nail clippers
– soft bristled brush
– breast feeding pillow
– nose aspirator
– baby first aid kit

Please, if you have any suggestions on items you think we still need, leave a comment below! I’m sitting at 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant now so we still have time. Plus we still have gift vouchers from our baby shower that need to be spent, hehe.

Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with my body. When Candice initially suggested a bare pregnant belly photo I was quick to say no. However, over the last month I’ve come to love seeing it bare and would hate to regret not having any photos in the years to come. So I have started taking a few here and there as my belly gets uncomfortably enormous. This one is from last week – Week 34. I don’t plan on posting anymore on here, the rest are just for our own memories 🙂

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