Baby Nursery

It’s been super fun decorating the nursery but we’ve finally finished! I would still like to add a toy box but haven’t found one I like yet and didn’t want to throw one in there just for the sake of finishing. I have an idea for a simple wooden slat toy box that Candice can build and I can paint but not sure when we will get around to doing that. This blog post is more of a photo share so scroll on down and let us know what you think!


A close up of the honeycomb shelving inhabitants.


More honeycomb bits and pieces


The honeycomb shelving


This is a mobile I made out of straws, string and spray paint


Big chunky clock that we bought from Ikea


We were given a collection of cardboard pop out forest animals and have littered them throughout the room. This bear lives on the lamp table.


We stocked these Ikea book shelves with lots of wonderful books.


I made this deer print baby blanket using some fabric that I’d been holding onto for ages.


Both the change table and cot were given to us as they were no longer needed by my sister’s toddler. They were originally brown but we decided to paint them white and we’re happy with the result.


Moses basket filled with baby toys


The change table has been stocked with lots of nappies, wipes and baby bath products.


The built in mirrored wardrobe has a rainbow coloured dresser inside. It is filled with the most adorable baby clothes.


Above view of the cot


Reading corner


Big star rug that we bought from Masters Hardware.


Another view of the reading corner


View from the entry


View from reading corner

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