Letter to a boy

Dear little man,

It’s your Mummy here. As I write this you are currently squirming around in my belly, occasionally pushing up under my right rib cage, leaving me temporarily breathless. I know you’re running out of room in there but don’t stress. Soon you’ll be on the other side, in a world so big you’ll struggle to understand it’s enormity. Champ, you won’t need to worry about a thing – your Mumma and I totally have your back.

You are 36 weeks and 2 days old today so it’s not long at all until it’s time to meet you. We keep on trying to think of chores that we can do to be more prepared; more organised for your arrival. The thing is though, we’re ready now.

Ready for all those sleepless nights everyone keeps warning us about. Ready to accidentally get pee and poo on our bare hands. Ready for all the struggles we may face as first time parents.

We’re also ready for your first smile. Your first giggle. The first time you recognise our faces. We’re so ready to look into your eyes for the first time. You’re Mumma says she especially can’t wait for your hugs.

We know it’s not possible to accumulate sleep but lately we have been going to bed early, in case we regret not sleeping as much as we could before your arrival. Instead of falling asleep however, we lay there chatting about you. We wonder what colour hair you will have, how big you’ll be. We talk about breastfeeding and how to correctly bath and clean you. We discuss our hopes for you and all the silly, fun times that we can’t wait to see you experience. You’re unbelievably popular in this house already.

I’m excited for you to meet your Mumma. While I’ve been growing and looking after you in my belly, she has been looking after me, making sure I never over do it so that you stay safe and healthy. In the years to come she will teach you to be brave, kind and confident and I promise you’ll never have as much fun with anyone as you do with her.

We are going to try our best to get everything right the first go but please be patient with us. We’re going to be nervous in the beginning. We’ll be completely in awe of you and unfortunately for the first few days you may get handled like a piece of fine china. But don’t worry, we will get better.

Know that we will always encourage you to be your own person. Your opinions will consistently be heard even during times when we struggle to understand them. You will never feel alone, I can promise you that.

You are so very loved already.

Now be a good boy and stop kicking your Mummy in the ribs.



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