It’s finally October!

October is here, the month that our lives are due to change. The month that we become actual parents. Mothers.

Up until this week I have been feeling cool as a friggin cucumber. It’s only now that a little fear is starting to creep in, turning every twinge or pain that I feel into a question mark. When I wake during the night I worry that my waters are about to break if I move so I lay there nice and still. But I really need to pee so as slowly and carefully as I can I roll out of bed and gently tip toe to the bathroom as if I have any control over them breaking or not. I’ve been experiencing more and more braxton hicks contractions, mainly in the evening. There have been a few times where they have felt so constant that I’ve actually started timing them just to make sure they weren’t the beginning of real contractions. It just so happens that there is an app for that – ‘Don’t Panic! Contraction Timer’. Hilarious.

I’m incredibly uncomfortable now, almost all the time and feel as though I require a small crane to help lift me off the couch. I waddle everywhere and constantly groan when having to bend or twist my body. There is absolutely nothing graceful about me. I still have horrible heartburn which apparently indicates that his head isn’t yet engaged. He has also been practicing the rumba dance moves non stop, occasionally mixing it up with the cha cha. Given the lack of space in my belly, these movements are becoming a bit painful. Oh, and something new that has presented itself over the last week is Carpal Tunnel syndrome. I wake several times a night with pins and needles in both my hands. My fingers and wrists hurt to bend, not a little but a lot. As if i have slammed my fingers in a drawer or something. The pain eases heaps during the day but at night it flares up again. I’m told this is common in pregnancy and should disappear once the baby is born. I sure hope so!

Despite the whining tone of this blog post I actually don’t complain very much, day to day, about all the pregnancy stuff. I know I’m lucky and I know this is what I wanted and hoped for. To be handed a healthy baby this month, of course I would do it all over again. So I keep that in the back of my mind and positively tell myself that there isn’t long to go. Being the 1st of October, it now couldn’t be more true.

We had lunch with my family over the weekend and they told us their due date predictions. My older sister thinks I’ll be 3 weeks early (which is now), my younger sister thinks 2 weeks early, my Mum thinks 1 week early and my Dad thinks spot on the due date of the 19th. Candice sent out the text message below to both my sisters this morning. What a meanie.FullSizeRender

The days here in Brisbane are getting warmer and I can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face. I love Spring so much! While Candice has been at work, I have been spending a lot of time outside in the fresh air. I’m so grateful we were able to have the back deck built before the baby arrives as I imagine we will be spending many of our days out there.


37 weeks along!

I wrote a list of things to do over the the next few weeks and have slowly been working my way through it.


So far I can tick off about half this list.


Some of the meals I’ve made to freeze for later.

One thought on “It’s finally October!

  1. Oh what an exciting blog post. I remember I was so over it and hoping to have Bubs early that I was doing plenty to encourage my waters to break! Naturally it didn’t work and the broke whilst I was asleep lol Not long now ladies. I predict 2 days over! :p


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