The days are long

I am now 38 weeks plus 3 days and I am pretty sure that time is slowing down. My days are mainly filled with eating, sleeping, reading. Probably in that order.

I’m almost certain that my belly can’t physically get any bigger. It’s so round and out in front that I feel like I need to carry it when I’m walking and often do when I’m not in public. Like a big tumour attached to the front of me. Except it’s not a tumour, it’s an actual human person in there. Candice and I have been blown away over the last couple of weeks with the realisation that our baby is full grown now. He is already looking quite chubby (judging by the 3D scan photos) and he is… well, newborn size. It’s weird to think that any day we could be holding him in our arms instead of just watching his outline squirm around in the big ball I’m carrying on my front. He will be able to stretch out and flail his arms around uncontrollably. He will also be able to cry and scream but we won’t focus on that today.


38 week belly shot

Something that we have almost taken for granted over this process is the fact that Candice and I will both be legally recognised as the parents on the official birth certificate. Thanks to changes in QLD law (The Status of Children Act) back in June 2010, the birth certificate will list ‘mother’ and ‘parent’ as opposed to ‘mother’ and ‘father’. This applies to the parents of any children born through an assisted insemination, self insemination or in vitro fertilisation which is incredibly great news. It means that we won’t have to go through the adoption process in order to have Candice recognised as the baby’s guardian and right from the second he is born she has legal parental status.

In other news, after discovering the timer feature on the iPhone camera the other day, we decided to try and take a few photos of us together. A few poorly framed shots later we finally had the camera facing in the right direction and managed some decent ones. Here is one of our favourites.


Next to us is a sign we made for our engagement picnic last year.

My hands and feet have been getting quite swollen the past week or so and I’ve actually had to take off my wedding rings. At the last OB appointment, my recent blood test results showed that my iron levels had increased which was great news but my blood platelet count was low and my blood pressure was slightly higher than usual. If you know anything about pre-eclampsia then you’ll know that the main symptoms include high blood pressure, low blood platelet count and large amounts of protein in the urine. We did a urine test while I was there and those results were fine. Swelling of the hands, feet and face are also symptoms of pre-eclampsia. Swelling is just such a common complaint in later pregnancy though that it’s not really a good indictor. Given that my blood pressure was only slightly high and that there wasn’t high levels of protein in my urine, the OB wasn’t overly concerned but as a precaution I am off to the Mater Pathology centre today to have more blood tests to check that my platelet levels haven’t continued to drop and also check my liver and kidney function.

In one of the baby books I’ve been reading it says that newborns have trouble distinguishing between tones and therefore enjoy looking at black and white objects and other high contrasting colours. I realised a lot of the blankets and toys that we have for him are not very contrasting at all so I decided to sit down and sew him a black and white stuffed toy. I made it out of an old pillow case and it took roughly 10 minutes to make, start to finish.  To keep it baby friendly, I used felt for the eyes instead of buttons.


Zebra bunny!

I’m not the only one that has been reading. Candice has been cramming in a bit of baby study time and we both feel pretty okay at this point. Our confidence may go flying out the window once he arrives and we haven’t slept for 3 or 4 days but for now we feel pretty hopeful that we are going to cope just fine.


Study time.


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