We’re home and thriving.

Today Oscar is 12 days old.

I am actually shocked at that fact. It honestly feels like he hasn’t been with us that long at all, though at the same time, pregnancy seems like a lifetime ago. We stayed in hospital for 5 nights so we could absorb as much knowledge from the midwives as possible and by the last day we were well and truly ready to come home. We had asked loads of questions and  tested so many different approaches, taking on what worked for us and Oscar. I have to admit that everything is going well so far. And I for one, am genuinely surprised at the ease with which we have slipped into the parenting world.

The thing I feared most about having a newborn was succeeding with breastfeeding but so far that has been going well. I know it hasn’t even been 2 weeks yet but we haven’t had any dramas. Since my milk has come in he has been content with feeding for 45-60 minutes and then sleeping in about 3 hour blocks. He seems to have set a pretty regular 24 hour routine for himself and it’s working well for all three of us. The night time feedings aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be and I’m learning that it’s important to try and sneak in a nap during the day while he is sleeping.

The day we came home from the hospital, Candice said that her throat felt sore and thought that maybe she was coming down with a cold. By the next morning she was sure of that she was indeed now sick. It was bad timing as it meant she wasn’t able to have too much contact with Oscar and it limited the amount she could help out. Luckily by the weekend she was all better and both Oscar and I had managed to avoid catching her flu germs. Candice then spent the next few days hovering over her boy, making up for all the kisses and cuddles that she had missed out on while sick.

In 2 days Candice has to return to work. I’m sad about her not being home with us but I’m not actually stressed or worried about looking after Oscar on my own. I feel quite confident that we will be just fine.

Our 2 dogs have been back home with us for a week now. After all the stress we had about how they would behave with a baby in the house, we have been really surprised. Our golden retriever, Luna, has been amazingly gentle and seemingly protective of Oscar. She might even think that Oscar is her baby. It’s completely adorable to watch and I’m sure without a doubt they are destined to be best buddies. Our chocolate labrador, Yoshi, has always been a very excitable dog and she is finding it hard to be calm around Oscar when he makes his little baby noises. Even though she is a little older than Luna, Yoshi still has a bit of maturing to do mentally. I’m sure as she gets older she’ll mellow out a bit and they will get along famously. In the meantime we’re keeping an extra close eye on her when Oscar is in the same room just in case she gets startled by him. Both dogs are still sleeping indoors at night as we have barricaded one end of the house off from our bedroom and the nursery and so far it’s working out well.

Let’s talk about baby poo. Everyone tells you that there is a LOT of baby poo but it’s hard to comprehend just how much until the moment you have a newborn in your care. In the first 6 days of having Oscar, Candice pretty much became the nappy changing master. I was still healing from the caesarian and was either sitting or laying down for those first few days and in that time I only had to change a total of 3 nappies. Only one of those times I would call successful. The other two times I was peed on. Pee sprinkled everywhere. All over my arms, all over his chest, all in his hair. Along with the pee came the poo. It actually squirts out of the butt and can reach a distance of up to 30cm. I’m happy to say that I now have the hang of nappy changing and have been getting a lot more practice now that we are home. However, I’m happy to report that Candice is definitely still doing the majority of that fun job.

We have both well and truly become obsessed with our little guy. When we’re not watching him sleep, we think it’s completely reasonable to spend our time looking at photographs and videos of him on our phones, talking about the all cute things he has done that day, praising him for being such a good sleeper and eater. Obsessed. We are trying hard to remember that not everyone is as wrapped up in Oscar love as we are and that we may even need to let the conversations drift away from him (and his perfectness) when in the company of others. Luckily we have an Instagram outlet to post all things Oscar related.

Yesterday we went on our very first outing. I was wanting to escape the confines of our house so we packed up the pram and picnic blanket and headed down to a nearby park that also had a cafe. We had lunch and Oscar stayed sound asleep for the entire meal. After that we went and found a shady spot to hang out at which point he woke up for his own lunch. This was the first time breastfeeding without the comforts of being in our own home. The thing I struggled with the most was sitting on the ground whilst trying to feed him. I’m still not completely healed and won’t be for another 4 weeks so probably shouldn’t have been sitting on the ground in the first place. After the park we walked over to the shops to pick up a few things but I suddenly became quite faint and felt like I may pass out so we gave up on that and drove home. I think I may have pushed myself a bit far with all the walking and getting up and down off the ground when trying to feed him. I’ve learnt my lesson though and will be taking it easy from now on.

Now for the photos.





Sweet lips, sweet nose, sweet eyelashes


This boy loves his baths



This is his 1 week old photograph


Breastfeeding – anytime, anywhere


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