Great expectations

Lately I’ve asked myself if parenthood is everything I expected it to be. In a lot of ways it’s actually easier. Extremely time consuming, but easier. There are a few things that have however, come as a surprise.

In the past when I would observe a parent interact with their baby, I would feel a mix of unease and confusion. This was then followed by a genuine embarrassment for them. The baby talk, funny face pulling, their excitement over the most mundane of ‘milestones’. I was so positive that I would never be like that and Candice thought the same about herself too.

Well, guess who have suddenly found themselves fluent in baby talk? That’s right, us. You have to remember, we’re home alone with Oscar A LOT. Lately I find myself engrossed in one way conversations with him, ones that involve me repeating the words “helllllo, heeelllo, hellooo Oscar, helllllo”. We also congratulate him on every burp and fart he does, like it’s some big achievement. We can’t help it! Heck, I’ve even started singing nursery rhymes to him, poor kid. The other day he sat through an awful rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider, half of which had made up words. I blow raspberries on his cheeks and Candice kisses his toes. These are all things that we’ve seen other parents do but not things that we expected to be doing ourselves. I think the thing that has most surprised me about our new behaviour is that I don’t particularly care what other people think of it. How else are we going to earn his first smile, his first giggle? By making fools of ourselves of course.

In other news, last week we had a call from the hospital asking if we would like to have a home visit from a midwife. Even though everything has been going pretty smoothly, we decided that it can’t hurt. Maybe Melissa the midwife will have some tips that will help to settle him during that fussy time in the afternoon. She’ll also be able to weigh him for us which saves us a trip to the chemist. His last weigh in was at 3 weeks and he was 3820g. The midwife visit is happening tomorrow so I’m hoping to get a decent sleep tonight.  

A little win I had today was that I figured out a way that I can hold Oscar and still have free hands to get things done – Ergobaby!

In 2 days Oscar will be a whole month old already!







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