The worst sound a parent can hear

Today Oscar had his first lot of vaccinations. I went in with the decision made that I would request to breastfeed him while the nurse administered the needles. This is because when Oscar was born, a midwife told me that breastfeeding is a natural pain relief for babies. It was news to me but I was won over when she had me try it while she did the heel prick test. Oscar didn’t flinch or cry or even seem to notice at all. I was amazed. Therefore, I was shocked to recently hear stories of mothers being told that they were not allowed to nurse during the vaccinations. To me, this makes no sense and actually made me angry. Today, with all these thoughts going through my mind, I was quite worked up and ready for an argument with the nurse if need be. I needn’t have worried. As soon as I told her she actually looked relieved and then threw the tissue she was holding in the bin and said “Well, we won’t be needing tissues then”. I put Oscar on to feed while she got the first needle ready and I was feeling pretty confident that he would hardly notice with all the boob distraction.

I was WRONG.

As soon as that needle went in I felt his whole body jolt and his face went dark red. His eyes, that were still staring straight into mine, went really wide and then he let out the most heartbreaking cry I’ve ever heard. I thought I had already experienced his serious cry but I was wrong. This was his real one and it’s the worst sound ever.

It was horrible enough that it almost made me cry.

As soon as I heard his screams my let-down reflex went into overdrive and my boobs starting leaking everywhere. I could feel the milk starting to soak through my bra. I was able to get him back on to feed again within about 30 seconds though and the crying stopped immediately so that was a relief. The nurse then had to give him the other needle. It was the same reaction as the first – that cry! Again though, the cry only lasted 30 seconds or so.

We’re home now and at the moment he is currently asleep. I keep checking on him and have taken his temperature twice but he seems okay. I’m sitting here at the dining table, with the baby monitor next to me and every now and again I hear him let out a sad little whimper in his sleep. Call me crazy but I am convinced that he is having vaccination nightmares. It makes me want to go in there, pick him up and cuddle him but the rational side of me knows I should just let him sleep.

Poor little dude.


4 thoughts on “The worst sound a parent can hear

  1. It is so hard on the mamas to watch them get their vaccinations! It never really gets easier, because eventually they start to remember that a visit to the doctor = vaccines, and they start crying the minute you walk in the door. Or maybe that’s just my kid!


  2. Poor little bubs. I remember how hard that first series of vaccinations were for Grace and us. One thing I would suggest is to ask that they administer both at the same time, even if it means 2 nurses. Thanks for the tip on breast feeding during the shot! I had never heard of that but will definitely try it with baby #2.


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