The spirit of Christmas is in the air

December is only one day away and there’s a whole lot of excitement brewing in our house. Christmas is almost here! While Candice and I have always enjoyed the festive season, this year is different. This year, Oscar exists and we can’t wait to start Christmas traditions with him.

We don’t care that Oscar will only be 11 weeks old and won’t actually remember a thing about his first Christmas. It will still be fun for us! When I was a kid I loved the magic, the stories, the fat guy in the red suit. I loved it all. My younger sister and I would wake up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning and beg our mother to let us eat chocolate and candy canes for breakfast. To her credit, she never once gave in to our pleas. The day was always filled with gifts, food and with christmas cartoons playing in the background. When Oscar is all grown up, we want him to be able to look back with nothing but cheerful, happy memories of this time of year. We have been floating around ideas and below are a few of the traditions that we have decided to start with our boy.

• December/Christmas box: This is a box of items given on the 1st of December. Items include a Christmas themed book, pyjamas and a personalised Christmas tree decoration. As he gets older we will also add other things such as a Christmas DVD, popcorn and hot chocolate. These are all things to enjoy throughout the month of December, leading up to Christmas day.

• Driving around our neighbourhood to see all the pretty Christmas lights.

• Leaving out milk (or a glass of red wine) and cookies on Christmas eve for Santa and carrots for the reindeers.

• Get a photo taken with Santa

• Baking and decorating Christmas cookies

• Advent calendar

Most of these will have to wait until Oscar is a bit older but this year we still plan on doing the Santa photo, the Christmas lights and the December/Christmas box.

Tomorrow is the 1st of December so we have put together a few items for Oscar’s xmas box – A book, PJs and a bauble to hang on the tree. The bauble has a photo of him and Santa inside it!


December box




Christmas tree bauble



This is just a phone pic I snapped while he was getting his Santa photo.



Our Christmas tree!


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